This guy scores with his coconuts

Coco niga1930746585

So, man, look at how this rough black guy, like Mr. T, breaks teeth… coconuts. But they are strong! Andres Gardena 64. Dude soon seventh decade! He’s a wild fan of Mr. T and even managed to be a lot like him.

This guy is dubbed a Man-cococococo. Andres from Panama in all seriousness, clean the coconut with my bare teeth. Yes, friend, it is worth our time! Strong jaws tearing Curtains fibrous cover of the coconut, and with hands and feet breaks extremely durable coconut husks. The guy claims that can purify 500 coconuts in six hours, and only in my life have cleared about 100,000 coconuts. And he did believe. How not to believe in it? Even Andres Gardina can pull teeth machine, but this is no surprise.

Now he’s going to go on record, we wish him good luck, because this is not wish? Zagryzet!

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