This girl will make you feel like a loser, 28.06.2013, CluTlpZZBwlwNMlDyymtVsZlrVIx7SwH

The article about the horrors of crossfit, fitness and powerlifting, we wrote about the girls who attend crossfitters classes and do all the heavy lifting. We noted that there is a second group of girls, who carry a terrible rod and look very… unladylike. But it is not always the case, dude. After all, there’s a pretty decent percentage of girls that look terribly sexy when thrust rod, which weighs more than you.

For example, this girl. She’s only 17, but she is doing things that not every guy will be able to repeat. Here’s a terrific motivator to join a gym, than our articles about healthy lifestyle. And who said beautiful girls are not sexy, you’re on her ass look. Ass, ugh, ass!

By the way, to step over the bar — a bad omen and a disrespect. Or in America, not so?

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