This device will turn your Galaxy Note 2 to computer

What did not come up from accessories for different devices, manufacturers of technological devices. Apple offered for its ipod Nano device, which turns the player into a watch, while Samsung has created a thing that makes its flagship Galaxy Note 2 … computer. And all because the main slogan of the company is now «squeeze all the juice out of their devices».

The company has released the dock Smart Dock that works wonders. According to the developers, devising turns an ordinary smart in a real workstation.

Smart Doc has many ports allowing you to connect devices of different characters. In Galaxy 2 you can connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and external storage, and even a TV Full HD via HDMI connector.

The availability of standard connector 3.5 will turn your phone into a full-fledged multimedia station, giving the possibility to connect to the phone speaker or headphones. Than not devices from the «Apple»?

microUSB input ideal for charging the device. Also Galaxy Note 2, is inserted in the docking station can easily take the calls yourself.

In the USA the device will cost about $ 100. How much will it cost in Russia is not yet clear. But not exactly the same…

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