This console plays most of the old games


A lot of old games go into Oblivion because they can no longer live on consoles. Of course, their fans make different emulators, but as they themselves admit, it’s not.

But the company Hyperkin is preparing to release an interesting project — console RetroN 3. The console plays cartridges from the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. In addition, they can play Famicom, Super Famicom, Sega Mega Drive, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color and original Game Boy. Great space! This is awesome!

But that’s not the most interesting, man. To new consoles are great controllers from old consoles. Sega Genesis and Famicom joined to one port of the game Boy Game well-controlled by them. In addition, with the Bluetooth module you can connect the new console formats.

Porting old games on a new console by connecting them to large screen TVs, there is one drawback: the part of the image is blurred and looks very unpleasant. This is a serious disadvantage. The creators of the RetroN 3 assure us that they have solved this problem. Well, well… Let’s wait, I wonder, but these consoles?

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