This British army knife

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On the one hand we, promoting the idea of coolness of prochnosti to the masses and spreading the multitools and other «male» devices, and on the other hand, you know, how awesome is this.

Today we have the heading «Inventory» knife-multitool, which, according to the implementers, are in the British army. Looks Spartan and very strictly. Let’s take a closer look at. First, the blade is made of excellent steel, it is curved shape, such a world is called a Sheepsfoot blade. Held multitool oldest firm in Sheffield that manufactures such devices for the army. The set of functions in multitude non-standard, frankly. The knife bent, bracket for connection, bottle opener, screwdriver and… Marlinspike — a tool for knitting complex units. Interesting thing.

As for men’s gift — a very cool thing, the usefulness is questionable, but the quality is excellent. There is such joy $ 70.

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