Third world war is possible

manygoodtips.com_7.11.2016_2B9Mqal8IoAS7If you take into account foreign policy in recent years, we are seeing just the aggravation, conflict and competition — one negative. Russia wants to put in place, and our country wants to save face and show by our deeds the authority. In Syria that’s got, what embittered the radical Muslims who repay us with terrorist attacks. The Islamic state is as before alive and terrifies the middle East, and how much we bombed them? The same trades of the United States, but the only problem is that the interests have not the same, and if you believe the First channel, then a little more and we will break all diplomatic ties with the Alliance.

Many do consider us invaders, and our government is not far behind — suggests that the cold war in the yard, and there is nothing to hide. Clearly, the specter of war again ascended over the 1/8 part of the land, but mainly in the minds. Many people seriously think that soon there will be a Bang Napalm, carpet bombing and gunfire, ugly Americans landed in the Crimea, and again we all save from the «new Nazis», because we have such a fate — to save everyone. If there is no more important things than war.

Of course, desire for military dementia — not the best quality of modern society. But this state of Affairs forces us to ask ourselves: «is it Possible a new World war here and now?». We think not, and here’s why.

The system of checks

Pacifists crying for half a century — are asked to disarm our country, other countries and all the galaxy. My dream is to abandon the nuclear and joys back in the days of stone axes. From their point of view, the biggest threat comes from weapons of mass destruction. They point to North Korea, where, according to the statements of the Koreans themselves, for a long time there large nuclear cannon. Given that the authorities in the DPRK is a guy who watches cartoons Disney, we share these concerns.

However, let us turn to history and see why the major military campaigns accompanied humanity from the dawn of statehood, and only now they are not. The conflicts in the middle East it is foolish to assume the forerunner of the Third world — they talk a lot about in the media, but these are regional problems, not more. The confrontation between the more severe States, it’s impossible because of the powers that a weapon is not an AK-47 and a nuclear warhead that can demolish entire regions.Paradoxically, such a weapon, although designed to attack, but more serves as a shield of humanity — no one will attack one of the points of strength that can turn a third of your country into a wasteland. So tell your pacifist friends that if they want to keep «world peace», let them organize rallies against disarmament.


We often criticize, and rightly so, because the country loses more of its feature — people begin to copy each other, think the same, even look the same. However, if you’re not a fan of the World war, then it’s at hand, because globalization is a serious obstacle to its implementation in reality.

Why? Because we began to understand each other. Fifty years ago an American from Russian was different as heaven from earth, circles from the sprite, Snickers chocolate bar «Alenka». But now our opinions are not so different — gradually formed a unified information background, which can cause minor conflicts, but not of the world.


manygoodtips.com_7.11.2016_fylGyMa6dlHT9After the Second world once the Cold war began — good neighborly relations, underpinned by common victory, broke into the eyes. Of course, in the ideological confrontation, which is not, although he was trying to recreate, to bring the mobilization of the population. Contradictions between the US and the Soviet Union was much greater than between the Third Reich and Poland. But we never crossed swords with the Americans, and why? Perhaps after the World war, all become smarter, and every soldier with an amputated leg joined the pacifists. Won’t reject this argument. But it seems reasonable that the formation of mass culture has greatly influenced the reluctance to declare war.

Especially brightly it can be seen in the example of the Vietnam war, which is recognized as a terrible mistake and the collapse of American foreign policy. This opposition has shown that even a hippie can destroy the plans of the leaders in the loyalty of the population to war. The voices of musicians, writers, Hollywood actors created an atmosphere of rejection of the destruction of the «agent orange» Vietnam forests. Journalists finished off the political elite that released the horrible images and stories of war. In the end Richard Nixon, who signed a peace agreement with Vietnam, still the most hated by the American people by the President, although he and many other sins.

But that’s not Nixon, the bottom line is that people, thanks to popular culture, were able to make your own opinion about the war and Express it.

Now, when the Internet spread across the surface of the Earth, reflection of people’s attitude to such events is much stronger than before.

Now you don’t need to wait for the newspaper or TV to see the mountains of corpses that were born because of war. It is unlikely you will support soldiers of their country, if you see that they mock the peaceful population and killing civilians — that’s what happened with Vietnam, and it will happen to every major conflict that will arise today.

Western culture

Think about what you will say to go to war against the guys who made «Star wars,» «From dusk till dawn» and «pulp fiction.» You grew up on these movies, and you say to fight against the country where they were taken.

We are all in the same car there. Great powers have no such huge cultural differences that could cause the rage that arose in Hitler’s heart. Today, however, the government is trying to artificially create some kind of «Russian culture», which must differ from the West: morality, spiritual values and all of that. But the problem is that our real culture is not only part of the Western, but also as one of its pillars: Dostoevsky, Bunin, Bulgakov, Tolstoy, Rachmaninov, the list goes on forever.

I doubt that modern spin doctors able to destroy something that was made by geniuses for centuries. Our literature is taught in English schools, and our composers talk in French conservatories and our revered artists in American galleries. And we’re not talking about patriotism, but rather about what we need to accept ourselves as we are. Whether we like it or not, we were destined to be born in the Western culture, which today is dominant on planet Earth. The representatives of this culture have a large stock of weapons, the best research base and a large economic influence — at war with ourselves, we have nothing.Partially this idea to prove the constant clashes in the middle East. In those places are people who are carriers of a particular model of civilization — they have very different values, right and wrong. The very notion of sin in the Islamic fundamentalists is very different from ours. So we there and fight, like the entire Western world.

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