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Of course, we can’t start life with a clean slate. And so I would like. But we can avoid some mistakes and to stop stepping on a rake. In this article we will tell you about things that you would do well to stop doing — and as quickly as possible.

1. Stop to chat with the wrong people

Life is short, friend, it is not necessary to waste on the wrong people. These are the people whose company you a hard time, those people who talk to you like you do not make, and in whose hearts there is no place for you. But you, for whatever reason, communicate with them. Our advice to you — forget it and throw these people out of your life. Porridge will not weld, and no hope.

2. Stop running from your problems

Seemingly meaningless phrase, but we love to run away from my problems instead of just meet them face to face. Our whole life is a constant meeting with problems. We are ready: we have arms, legs, head, we are created to solve them, but instead, we run the disorder.

3. Stop lying to yourself

Can lie to anyone but yourself — have mercy! Our lives change only when we understand exactly what we have, in fact, not so.

4. Enough to put their desires last in line

So, friend, you can help others, but don’t forget to help yourself! The continued care of loved ones you may not notice how slowly melting itself.

5. Stop doing what’s not right for you

A person has freedom of choice. Well… Or at least the freedom to poke a finger and put a cross. We can do very many things, but often we do that we do not fit and do not need in life. Why?

6. Stop holding on to the past

Dude, you come into a new life, turn the page and begin a new Chapter, why read the old Chapter, what’s the point? Good, bad — it makes no sense to hold onto it.

7. Don’t be afraid that you will make a mistake

To do something incorrectly is better than nothing at all to do. Remember the usefulness of any experience.

8. Stop berating yourself for old mistakes

Hell, man, a lot of people in my life have not loved those people and doing the wrong things, so why that kill? Forget it! Time to make new mistakes, don’t hold old is the only harm you.

9. Don’t start a relationship just so

Some bro start a serious relationship, to prepare for a more serious and calm. Or not to be alone or to be with somebody. Here it is worth to remember a good quote Omar Khayyam, that «better to be alone than with just anyone» and apply it to the case.

10. Don’t be unemployed long

First, you lose the skills and desire to work. And secondly, the longer you sit without work, the harder you will have to return to it. And to be unemployed as the Dude from «the Big Lebowski», not for everyone.

11. Never think that you still have what not ready

What nonsense, man! When someone does something he rarely feels he is ready for hundred percent. He just does it. And what you wish for!

12. Don’t look for new relationship just because old what you do not hit

When a little is all right. Work on relationships, and what’s the problem, friend? To cancel it’s much easier than to build a strong Foundation. Remember that!

13. There is nothing to compete with other

Don’t look at others. The only person whose records you need to beat is yourself. Sad, but true. Yes, and don’t care about others, that you beat their records!

14. Stop overly caring about others

Think about yourself, friend, by God. No need to do so, others have got you on the neck!

15. Stop complaining and feeling sorry for myself

Well, by God, friend! Stop it!

16. Don’t hold back your anger and envy

But this does not mean that you have to beat the dishes. Just let go of these feelings, do not keep them in yourself. Where we do more harm to themselves than other people cause us. And it’s disgusting.

17. Don’t waste your time trying to explain his fine mental organization others

Friends and see what kind of man, and the enemies still can not believe it. Oh, and don’t waste your time no, you’re not a unique snowflake, man! And do not try to appear better than you really are.

18. Stop trying to do everything perfectly

Our world does not like and is afraid of a perfectionist, but rewards those who does everything at a decent level.

19. Don’t go down the path of least resistance

Life is hard, so constantly keep a simple way will not work. Experiment.

20. Stop pretending that all is well when it is not so

There is nothing wrong with a little yelling and calm down. You don’t claim to be the strongest in the world bro. Oh, and fuck what other people think, it’s easier to sit down and understand the situation.

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