Things you need to stop wearing

Not easy, I know to look in the mirror and realize that you’re dressed like a total jerk. To help you with the knowledge of this fact? Oh yeah, all the clothes that you should remove, we recommend that you douse with kerosene and burn.

1. — Fitting head glasses, 16.08.2013, 1LaScYolF74jjceVbm4lwwHNPWdmvDdv

These glasses are good for those geeks who was going to cosplay as characters of the movie «the Matrix». Wear them in daily life — is illogical. They are not going to do you frankly not very much. Especially when they have some wild colors. I recently saw a bro who wore such glasses bright orange color. You know, old friends are hard to part, but still remember how silly you looked before, and take it off.

2. Working (sort of) yellow shoes, 16.08.2013, jRLNdGSwuFoRtjP0qQxLMNahUt9XDpQZ

I often see dudes on the street in such strict sneakers that assure everyone that they are very comfortable and these shoes make them stricter. I’m willing to bet that they do not build buildings, not chopping wood, but just consider themselves to be harsh guys who have no concept of «not talking».

3. Cap-trucker, 16.08.2013, 34loOGHsXGnpZmwIgdKIxL7seug6WOXL

At first they were worn by truck drivers to protect their faces and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. But now they are passionately fond of young people. They are not going, and you look at them undignified.

4. Tracksuit, 16.08.2013, CQw9MWD2jUVBxEhHOGXZRfLjprVEfZbl

These clothes are good for Jogging, in the gym, but when you wear it in other situations, you’re nothing but a jerk who is either not watching him, or trying to show that it is related to sports.

5. Too much perfume, 16.08.2013, LlvA6C4zTEhDO7qVJi0ol5jbvjlt1Lwy

When you somewhere go all at once feel a strong smell that you came. Don’t do that.

6. Tight clothing, 16.08.2013, qJdsifqRE2pL7ku13PU6mgYs7HIfOXAZ

If you have a size XL, it is not necessary to wear a size L and assure everyone around, that you just. Watch as your shirt is almost bursting and how to determine your breast fat — the spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

7. Mike spots, 16.08.2013, eXH0sWBwy0yHD2W7mSDC8jFlzRWosqkn

Every time you want to wear a white t-shirt, carefully check for small spots. Especially well look in the armpits. There is a yellow spot — a good zastera did not throw.

8. Shoes with square toes, 16.08.2013, n3jTOwbg14yPZQlkvIVaTl89IRfedfyn

These shoes always looked shabby and reminded me about the scoring of the student, which no one wants to call to play in the corridor. And it does not affect, in the fashion she is and from what she of the designer — she is miserable and very few people goes.

9. Tight, tight jeans, 16.08.2013, 2EFWXHWomhc08bex0tC6ADWvwSjGpmB4

Makes no sense to say that they go to you or you’re a hipster and you have to wear them. Skinny jeans on a guy is the same as the tights are on the hussars, part of the fashion, but looks crazy awful. If you have a pair of these jeans slept.

10. Bright, shiny and wide ties, 16.08.2013, 3o2gmiIHcSSjgqPTmEtjdqqIMbw7RfHJ

Need to explain why this is bad?

12. Baseball cap visor to the side, 16.08.2013, G1W5UNl2fWgRUTipHKsMeSSMMZ3uYd1R

It still rests on the head like a cap. That is, it is not clear how. That won’t help you look cool, on the contrary, it will help you to look like a jerk.

13. Baggy clothes, 16.08.2013, 0gjt9juaikfQwfGVmKT9C6IDLBxk3D3K

At the dawn of the nineties it was fashionable. But when this era was over, masculinist clothing has become inversely proportional to your slope. Why? Because the clothes should feel comfortable and hide flaws of your body and not the whole body.

14. Layered Polo, 16.08.2013, 8OMTxKEZ1d9ZgI9D8GBWYPJBQXN5kEVd

Polo — great clothes, but when you do something like this, it seems that you accidentally put on a few Polo each other.

15. Coats, 16.08.2013, gK7A6OKJKYxGcCIGUXpuz9c55OtaQ9P8

Poor little beavers and other animals! You still have not killed the animal? Moreover, the men coats are not coming… it’s not manly somehow. You don’t Shalyapin, in the end?

16. Long coat almost to the floor, 16.08.2013, pQ2tyRpuSecw09roKJULOXX3Eudpbqv4

It looks too formal, well you look older, not everyone is (the dude in the picture is just about right) and creates a very mournful atmosphere, isn’t it?

17. Shoes with pointed toes, which go up, 16.08.2013, OIV5f0DenlOFYGsfUIVFw80doGXsPWfu

I call her elf-shoes, because it reminds me of Santa’s little helpers. They look just phenomenally pathetic.

18. Medallions military, 16.08.2013, DOyyy0tUq4MxVmoIlVAPg1QrcWuMb2k2

Are you in the military? Never wear these tags, leave them, the military and the dogs.

19. Clothes with a strong design logo, 16.08.2013, 8oiMXBSC5dgUc88wSFsPELSTfDpkNPa5

So, you can buy some designer clothes to appear in large letters Dolce&Gabbana or something fashionable to wear. It may even be true. But those people who are able to afford to buy such clothing, most likely? will not put the tags on display. Bro sometimes these clothes looks like they stole the clothes from the sales assistants in the store. Or bought on the market.

20. T-shirt with a huge V-shaped plunging neckline, 16.08.2013, yIjhgUeCxUU4X9goZT8i0hxfSnD4QeLg

When you’re skinny or fat, it looks worse than this hairy boy pictures. Even if you work years in the gym, you shouldn’t show everyone how cool your pumped PECs. NOT worth it!

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