Things you must do before having kids

They say that having children is happiness. Unfortunately, people do not realize that with the advent of their children’s lives they will have a Fig where restrictions and most of the things they can do immediately sink into oblivion. Reckless parents after the birth of children suddenly realize that they very much do not have time to do, and let them never say it out loud, they are very painful because they were so inconsiderate. Now they have restrictions in lifestyle, physical limitations and a huge responsibility. All this to the fact that children need to start only when you’re ready, when all of life is done and you have something to teach them. And have a story to tell interesting.

1. To visit the country on the opposite hemisphere of the globe

To really see another culture and understand that your concepts of morality and of life is not the only truth.

2. To jump with a parachute

The banal and the important thing for self-development. Unless you have a phobia of heights.

3. To make love where you can’t do

For example, in the Republic of Chad. Lift, if that option beaten.

4. To swim with the sharks


I agree that with a child you didn’t!

5. To nafotkal erotic photos of yourself or make homemade porn with a plot

And then hide them so that nobody saw.

6. To learn to play well


Though singing bowl.

7. To live a little South of the country

To be able to compare with their historical homeland and a couple of times to go to the sea.

8. To live in a big city such as Moscow or St. Petersburg

You will understand what it means the pace of the big city with long history and rich culture.

9. To learn to speak normally in any foreign language

Even English will do.

10. To visit the North of the country

To understand how well in the South.

11. Read at least 50 books

Generally, 50 is not enough. 50 serious books necessary to understand some things for this sound. And anyway, what the hell I’m talking trivial in the spirit of «why read books» if it’s obvious? You can start with our list.

12. Jump off a cliff into a natural pool in some exotic place

In Russia too, but you can go to an exotic country. Travel — cool.

13. To try mountain climbing

At least in the amusement Park. It’s fun and helps to stretch and pump.

14. To catch a fish


And cook it on the fire. This is really delicious.

15. To ride a horse

An unforgettable feeling, especially pork butt that is a little sore after a long transition.

16. Drink beer from the barrel in a good pub

Preferably in London or Ireland, so there would be no illusions about these places.

17. Hanging out at a rock festival

«Invasion», «Cubana» — they are!

18. The casinos

Blackjack and whores, comrades!

19. To visit a strip club and high class

Looking for girls that are very beautiful around the poles, well worth it. The more their bodies will be on the level!

20. Summer with friends about a month to ride across the country

This was filmed so many good movies. And not very good. But we have a few of them.

21. To ride a camel somewhere in Egypt

Also a great life experience.

22. Fitness or sports and some time to be in great shape

To be in good shape is worth a lot, dude!

23. At least sometimes interested in the political situation in the country

To understand why everything is so bad. And why, in fact, bad!

24. To fall in love

You’re not going to have children with the unloved?

25. To write a book, a novel or any small prose

Even if nobody will ever publish.

26. To go to a third world country to understand how the real poverty

It’s a good life lesson, you can then tell your children.

27. Swim naked in the sea at midnight

A small and despicable extreme.

28. To spend New year in the Park

Can friends, one with a flask of champagne.

29. To get to one of these events

Oktoberfest in Germany, carnival in Brazil, the cherry blossoms in Japan.

30. Change a few jobs to see which you like work

And what a team.

31. To buy a property

Apartment, house…

32. To spend the whole day with love

From the comfort of home, only stopping for food. And in the evening watching a movie. Buzz!

33. To run a marathon

Training for a marathon you might, like. Well, what to tell children.

34. To tell a joke before a large audience

And now fashionable stand-up evenings, you can speak!

35. To go a mountain bike

Dirty, smelly and wildly sick muscles, you’re coming home.

36. In the martial arts

To pass at least a year. For General physical development.

37. To be naked on a nudist beach

And all in order to look at other people’s Boobs. A dream Yes, only a lonely naked woman’ll ruin the mood.

38. Learn to show at least one focus

You can hit Chicks, and you and your child.

39. To learn how to cook some unusual dishes

I don’t mean boiled potatoes and buckwheat with sausages. At least pea soup with smoked meat.

40. To get or at least try to get higher or secondary special education

Better, of course, higher. But never forget to learn and improve their skills further. Otherwise, stagnation.

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