Things which can not save

what is impossible to save

Everyone loves to save money. That is not something that everyone likes to fuss over every penny spent — just appreciate the realization that manage. Am I not right? Of course, right. But there is one bold and significant «but»: sometimes it can be extremely profitable for themselves to a bad bargain and lose. Remember the saying «miser pays twice»?

There are things which can not save in any case. Because cheap dollars will disappoint you, and quickly come into disrepair, while a good thing to be comfortable, practical and pleasant to use.

1. Shoes

Never be afraid to overpay for something that separates you from the ground. If poor quality clothing is not bothering you, then a quality shoes is almost guaranteed to make your life a living hell. Bad shoes will press and RUB the leg, you know the beauty of calluses and cracked heels. Shoes from cheap leather have another bonus: the legs mercilessly, they begin to stink. What to cheap sneakers, they, first, wear out quickly, and secondly, they are bad for the knee. I had cheap shoes, but now I bought a decent, shy advertising — the difference is astounding.

2. High-Speed Internet

As mentioned in some is the days of my childhood, having tried once, you’re. At least once try a broadband connection — and still will not return. For an hour to wait until the loaded movie is unpleasant. Constantly refresh the page in the hope that this time it will load — a sad lesson. Spend the extra couple hundred and see how your life will change. Although in the XXI century every other Internet nerd, who I tell?

3. Tools

Bad masters swear by their tools, and good masters to buy quality tools. It makes no sense to spend money on a tool that when you first use the crack why do we need it? You have to buy something that will be with you until you become a grandfather and will not give this wealth is inherited. Although unlikely to pass: they are cool, these tools.

4. Bread

Usually all we buy bread in supermarkets near the house, and it was so-so bread. What is it: bread and bread I bread tried? But in bakeries or supermarkets is such that will be enjoyed by anyone, bro. More bread tastes much much better, it literally takes you to heaven.

5. Knives

Good knives sit in the hand like a glove, they are nice to cut, they are sharp and beautiful. A good knife a pleasure to hold, use, wash and even to look at him. If you at least once in their life suffered from the fact that under the wrinkled bread knife that the knife does not hurt, and tears, you definitely will appreciate a quality knife, is a solid money.

6. Bed linen

All my life I slept on some shovels the sheets until I moved in with a friend and we bought new bedding. I’ve never slept so well, dude! Normal quality linen is pleasant to the touch, it was burning a hole so well that on the weekends I sometimes stay in bed until eleven-thirty.

7. Sushi

Never and never buy them supermarket or suspiciously cheap establishments. For any price. In any of the shares. You’re just disappointed, and at worst, poison. It is better to pay for them good money and really join this culture.

8. Underwear

Pants that are too tight, fade, hit the butt, lose prints — a selection of rogue. Need not deliberately resign ourselves to suffering, buying panties at the supermarket. Yes, and the girlfriend probably won’t appreciate — at least you could see what they look like?

9. Fresh vegetables and fruits

This is my favorite food. And it is better to buy it on the market, especially until the season was over. If you save on this delicious and healthy food, you run the risk of impoverish your diet and deprive yourself of vitamins and fiber. Don’t do this. On my kitchen table is always a big bowl of fruit. Very comfortable: I went and took and chew himself. By the way, a great snack — much better sandwiches and sweets.

10. Shaving foam

I recently made a blunder and bought a cheap shaving foam: seduced by the price. And what I got for the money? When I apply it on face and then turn away to take the machine half of the foam just disappears. With the normal foam you don’t even feel like shaving.

11. Jeans

I have never seen cheap jeans that would great on me sat. Normal jeans are normal money. If jeans are excessively cheap, so they either hang on the ass, or are you close in any one place, or the designer decided to provide them with some absolutely gaudy thing that turns normal clothes into the most ugly clothes in the world.

12. Tattoo

If you’re going to do the tattoo, you’d better get the place is not cheap. And it is not necessary to serve as a Guinea pig for friends who decided to become a great tattoo artist. When you spend at the tattoo enough money, you get exactly what you wanted.

13. Headphones

Really do not understand how people buy in supermarkets headphone for a hundred rubles and a happy go. What are you, my friend, hear of them? How can you enjoy the beauty and depth of sound? Normal and headphones are fine and work accordingly.

14. Alcohol

While you only drink cheap alcohol, you don’t see this as a problem. You should try alcohol more expensive — and you immediately understand why it is so worth it. If you’re doing grass, it is better to do it with the least risk to the body, and this is possible only when you buy expensive alcohol. Besides, it tastes much nicer, and the price oblige you not to drink all at once, with the exception of champagne. Because who leaves the champagne for later?

15. Backpack

A good backpack with lots of pockets and quality zippers — irreplaceable thing in the economy. It will serve you long and will delight exceptional order. You’ll always have everything you need to yourself.

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