Things we’d like to do better

the way better

At first glance, we’re all full adults. We have a job (at the most), friends and relationships. We are good people, leading a socially acceptable life.

And yet… In every life there are moments when he feels he’s no good. He’s useless. Why are we still so difficult to make decisions and to do everyday things? Our parents were born knowing how to repair a car or iron? Our generation always drawing as a bunch of metrosexuals who want everything at once and not in a hurry to take on any responsibilities. No, we’re not. We are normal guys. We all can’t do something, and that’s fine. You’re not alone.

Our editors have conceived and given a list of those things that we would like to do better. Who knows, maybe it motivates all of us (and you too) begin to solve our problems.

1. To do simple things

For example, the clock 11 in the morning, and in the yard Saturday morning. You’re invited to a wedding and a wedding without a shirt to be not comme Il faut. And here you have it Pat. What would you do?

a) Sigh and resigned himself to his fate. Just not eat all day to remove his jacket. Even if you drink and rastreskaetsya from the heat.

b) Sigh and try to pet it. You can’t do it all wrong? A minute later, it turns out that is still possible.

C) Sigh and sorrow will break the iron, with which not in forces to cope. How much is the cost new?

Men rarely okay to pet things. At least I’m not ashamed.

2. To grow a beard

If the father does not shave in the morning, evening his face is covered with uniform and dense bristles. If I don’t shave the day I can only grow a ridiculous mustache and a gay goatee on the tip of the chin. That’s how we dishonor our family, and it would seem that adults!

3. Not uninteresting to watch football

At home there is always something to do. There is always a reason to go for a jog, ride a bike or visit the gym. There is always someone to go visit. Saturday. And still we sit in front of the TV and look even uninteresting matches. Why?

4. To understand whiskey and pucker when you drink it

For me, it is all the same: Scotch, Bourbon taste, I can’t tell one from another and generally usedona larger pleasure will dissolve that stuff with coke, it doesn’t smell of old people. I’m a bad man.

5. To greet and to say goodbye to the girls

I’m talking about those girls who are in a relationship with me and still want to hug me or kiss on the cheek instead of just saying «hi». They all do it differently. Someone hugs, and someone is kissing some sort of randomly number of times. How to understand, whether it is to do this once, twice or even three? In such situations I always act like wood.

6. To prepare the skewers

Any kebab, which is made bald or graying men, the taste is much much tastier than mine. It’s probably hone the skill over the years.

7. Giving gifts

The New year is a real catastrophe: in one sitting you have to think of something to give to all your relatives, and buy gifts. How to see all their hints, and draw attention to the situation when something is missing? How to keep it all in your head? How to give a gift and not look like an idiot?

8. Look hard

Awesome look? The harsh tone? A very fine line between a menacing man and an idiot. Very thin.

9. Not afraid of heights and things like that

These phobias are annoying, because the guy shouldn’t have! The man is fearless. When they hear from the girls that she went skydiving or bungee jumping, you feel inferior.

10. To know when to stop drinking

It comes with age and practice. Sometimes: drink drink, did not seem drunk, and he became, as his legs buckled. Somehow not manly.

11. To carry and move furniture

It’s so heavy and constantly passes through the doorway. It is difficult to enter the stairs. It, a pancake, even it’s hard to collect!

12. To start and end a short conversation

If you start talking more or less it turns out nice to finish it and it is logical to go further — it is a supernatural ability. How people manage to do without an uncomfortable, «Oh, okay, well, I went»?

13. To cut meat

Okay, to cut the cake turns out too bad, but at least it’s not a man thing. No one will ask the man to cut the cake. But to cut the chicken — the case of man, cutting it fine is an art.

14. To quote a famous book

Sometimes you remember about quote from the book, and well, if you were smart enough not to voice their memories. Otherwise, you’ll seem like a moron who is trying to build a smart-arse. Bad situation. Or quoted verbatim, or don’t even try.

15. To speak foreign languages

There are people who are Russian-it is difficult, for them this is a problem. Who was more lucky, he understands the pleasure of a deeper knowledge of the language and its various «fishechek»: idioms, slang, word play and other things. Incredible!

16. To remain calm during disputes

No one starts beating when it’s someone disagrees (is there such?), but the restraint will not prevent. Good not to lose self control, not to interrupt and not to get personal.

17. To fight

This from a man who fought only once in life. Even if you practiced martial arts, still in real life, the fight will be different from sport competition.

18. To listen

It is not that we’re not interested. Interesting. Someone just posted that there in Twitter or you don’t know where I put my wallet — and therefore distracted. And what a shame.

19. Wear white and not dirty food

It’s just phenomenal! If I just put on a white t-shirt or shirt — and it immediately appears a stain from tea, coffee or something. White is a magnet for stains, I’m telling you!

20. To defer the pleasure

The social network. The e-mails. SMS. When was the last time you had to wait for a response?

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