Things to do on winter break

Admit it, you’ve been waiting for this for a year. Even if you have a good job, and you go to it with pleasure, I agree that miniatus is always a joy. The fact that you don’t have to Wake up to the alarm clock, no need to rush and live a familiar routine, unspeakably happy. The first day you probably want to be lazy, to lie, to eat up delicacies for the festive table and watch TV. Perhaps someone is planning to spend the holidays, well, someone needs more. We pondered how to spend winter holidays themselves and that can advise you, and that’s what happened.

A visit to friends

If you have holidays strictly associated with continuous sitting and eating in good company, go to the friends with whom long time no see, become, remind each other about its existence, because to do it in ordinary days is not possible. Don’t forget about the gift, symbolic, do not have to give a Murano glass chandelier or a real sword made of Damascus steel, is quite rudimentary trinkets, to ever the beard was smeiles, but from my heart has departed the ice. And remember: the more human you make happy with their presence, the merrier will be your year. Or at least its beginning.

Laser wars

Than to eat his belly, get a real man’s pastime – war. Only here for murder, even by consent for the sake of fun you will date, but if you do it all for fun, a laser gun, outwardly indistinguishable from the AK-47 (not to be confused with the group), or a laser destroyer human and alien larvae, as in «starship troopers». So boldly shouting «for the Motherland!» join the battle and shoot the unloved friends (and girlfriends) with the crazy Rambo or orderliness of comrade Sukhov. The atmosphere of this war is guaranteed. At the same time get a dose of adrenaline in these lazy days.

Basically, the weapons are plastic, sometimes it’s more believable than erased in the dust of the weapons the Sudanese army. However, in some laser tag it is possible to find the weight and size of the model AK-74 with a weight of 3.5 pounds for men. In Moscow you should go to, for example, in laser tag Kazarma. Here you can make war in an embrace with the latest developments in the field of «laser-paintball».


What is the quest in reality? It’s when you are placed in a room filled with riddles and puzzles, and you need either to perform the task given by the organizers, or to get out of there in an hour. It is much more interesting and fun going to the movies, although it is about the same. At some point you’ll have to worry steeper Dr. Watson during Sherlock and threat investigations. Don’t worry, nothing will happen and nobody will keep you in the room forever, so no need to shout.

Not all quests are equally interesting and good, so I suggest you go to the office, which fulfilled the expectations.

Pull up the survival skills

The new year is a good time to update your skills, especially if they will save your life and property. And in fact this entire busy, even go to the toilet when there is a «window» in the schedule. You can check your home, pipes, wiring, work where you need a screwdriver and where you want to hit with a hammer. Learn the rules of self-defense according to the method of some crazy retired Colonel. Check your car, find out what’s at the door.

Pay attention to your safety, including road. What can be more dangerous than the Russian winter roads? Nothing. Here and visit the winter school of defensive driving, not to be afraid to drive in the ice. Learn to do a controlled skid, and you will feel God road. Moreover, after these courses you can give a decent early «fast and Furious» trick without the use of a «Parking brake» and the other «chips» on any car (from the Camaro to the Fields) and even parody (see «Oka»).

Someone will say that the course teaches is not survival, but rather of extreme driving? Partly, if competently to use the acquired skills can be great to save money on car repairs and payment of fines. And it is not a sin to obtain the skills to impress girls. By the way, there are gift certificates, so feel free to take it and give your girlfriend to also know how to tame the iron horse.

Go karting

We active recreation. For the active, that splashed adrenaline and not vomit. So I want to guide you into the magical world of loud engines and racing. Formula 1 is cool too, but karting is another matter. Find karting in any city is not a problem in Moscow highly recommend going to one of the biggest karting tracks, with the most advanced maps in the city and that it is important for us as a timid little sissies, the safest.

Main thing is to find the desire for a moment to feel the Airton Senna or Lewis Hamilton. And, of course, not to drive drunk. Treat him with respect, it’s Motorsport!

By the way, this kind of vacation suitable for the whole family. If raided relatives with children, and small thugs there are specially equipped go-karts.

To learn a new skill or hobby

Well, if you have a hobby. Now finally you can dedicate to him all my free time. But not much carried away, and that will tire them ad nauseam. By the way, you can move on and learn a new skill, or to get involved with a new hobby. Do something, what is not even thought, such as writing or drawing. And suddenly, you have talent. Even if it is to get candid stuff is still very interesting.

To cook something really tasty

Coming home, you’re ready heat up bought food, washed down with Cola and go to bed with no legs to sleep to gain strength for yet another mundane day.

And now, when you slept, ate, drank, you can treat yourself to gourmet delights. What? Are you kidding me? Our Ivan Kalyagin for who every week writes recipes? Take any dish from fish, delicate meat, marble beef (you can afford in honor of the holiday). At worst, you can make something out of monkeys, after all, the holidays.

Walk around the city

It’s time to explore the city, to see what they have built, and how to decorate main street. At the same time the atmosphere of the festival going back to the well-fed soul, as soon as you see the decorated city. A day without active movement!

And on the way go to the theatre or any exhibition. Your impressions can safely put in a personal blog and feel the Bulk in the beginning.

Gastronomic marathon

What to drink at home, spend all my money travelling from one drinking establishment to another. Arrange food marathon pubs, cafes, pubs and eateries. Set a goal to explore beer, a snack, entourage. Became evaluations, «entourage», «taste», «range», «entertainment» and then put your rating in social networks. In 10 days you can get round that would be enough of the liver. Trust me, get so many likes you have never set. People this interesting, and you feel good. By the way, at the same time familiar find.

Reading books

We always say that reading books is essential! So the excuse of «no time» during the winter break won’t work. If an active holiday is not for you, it’s time to read. Ask what to read? Can choose something from our recommendations: Read these 30 books before I knocked tridtsatnik.

Snow fun

If you live in snowy areas, in a way, we envy you. You can make a snowman tall, with a five-storey building, well, it’s too much, just a huge snowman the envy of all. Fun, again, with health benefits in the fresh air.

To do all that is not enough time

The most useful to all those, what hands did not reach. Small repairs and General cleaning. Clean your mail, clean up on the computer. There is so much time you can devote to yourself, again, for the benefit of a loved one.

You can finally go to the last session in the movie, because in the morning need not get up early and go to work.

Spend those precious 10 days of vacation to relax properly.

To entertain the guests

And what to do, when to go will not want to drink can not, but lie on the sofa too dull? Yes, and raided friends. An uninvited guest, he, of course, worse than Gagarin, but to entertain as it is necessary. So stocking up on Board games, gardens guests comfortably and start unbridled joy.

You can play in the familiar «Monopoly»,to quarrel with all around you «Crocodile» to put everyone in an uncomfortable position. And you can move to a more compassionate innovations, for example to show off your erudition, as not mentioned her Wasserman in the game «just a Minute.» Or to create madness in the «Day leaders», the game where you need to perform weird tasks, moving across the field of tiles similar to wooden fighters. Still highly recommend the game «5 second rule» — a domestic version of world famous «5 Second Rule». You just have to name 3 things for five seconds, not anyhow any, and in accordance with the task. At first glance, everything is simple, but only at first glance.

What to play is up to you. Fortunately, many fun and exciting Board game for any company. Evaluate your circle, evaluate the extent of his love for them and pick a game.

To take off from the city

Why not go to hell? Seriously, when I’d have time to escape the city. Highway deserted, not so many people, and beauty! It is clear that on a RAID over the border need more time and preparation, but in our country there are many interesting and enjoyable, especially in the winter. Even fishing is quite different. Even a trip to a nearby, nondescript town can be remembered for years to come. If only the people were nice.

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