Things to do on vacation

Maiden said goodbye without even washing the dishes, and the guests left, leaving a fridge full of half-eaten salads and charred the carpet in the hallway. What now? The first days after the New year — a time that completely knocks us out of the rut. Ahead of a week of rest (although someone like), and ride with slides and play in the snow with classmates is unlikely to succeed. But there are many other wonderful opportunities that will help to brighten up leisure and even a little samorazvitie. After some discussion, we made a to-do-list to accomplish all which you hardly have time, but will surely find something suitable.

1. Learning to juggle mandarins

Well what can I say — each of us tried to do it in the New year. This is the case, when to you in the street accidentally drove right up someone’s ball — for it’s vital to kick, no matter where. We honestly tried to understand the principle of juggling, raskurochit half holiday basket mandarins, but then came the security guard who worked in a youth circus, and showed that we do not.

It turns out that it’s very simple. For starters, take a tangerine, and flip it diagonally (not just up) above eye level, making the hand a semicircular movement, like pull up the water. Two don’t hurry: as soon as one piece of fruit will be at the maximum height, throw the other. Catching both, stop and then continue again. You’ll get better soon, and stops no longer needed. The third Mandarin need a ride, when the second peak. At first it seems complicated, but an hour of hard exercise every learn. And better to do it over the bed, and the whole fruit you will have.

2. To try winter kiting

No matter what you like more – skiing or Board, because kiting allows you to ride even on skates. If you already have some of it, you only need to buy the kite and a special belt-«trapeze». What is kiting? It’s like skydiving, only you’re already on the ground. Air dome catches the wind, and you along with it accelerates to breakneck speed, on the move, making cool tricks. In the summer season this is a great alternative to surf, but in winter with much needed rest, which doesn’t compare to anything else. Remarkably, in both cases use the same kite rig. And already on the track can be any nearest frozen river or field.

A real Mecca for fans of Snowkiting in Russia already that year becomes the Ob sea (Novosibirsk reservoir). 1080 square kilometers of ice was created in order to drive on them at all Siberian winds. The most suitable season for fun here lasts from late November to mid-April, but we advise not to postpone, because at Christmas there will be a feeding frenzy, and you get to meet a bunch of pros who will teach you a few chips. However, in its rays of delight we forgot to mention that the pre-better get training (2-6 h) — close to the beach «Star» has to do his own school. There can be great to hang out with tea and biscuits after the cold expanse of the sea.

3. Re Skyrim

What? You have not passed? To believe in such we simply refuse, because this game is, subject to the availability of good mods, makes for at least a week to forget about the life around and in General still is the best fantasy raevukas, beat that, not even «the Witcher». Need a reason? Okay, we’ll find them.

Because only in Skyrim you can become an Archmage and head of the thieves Guild, and the next day get kicked from the guardians of the killed chicken. Only in this snowy province air services provided by the giants and dragons, and eaten the wing of a butterfly makes you understand its alchemical effects. Only the Northern edge has a chance to witness a thrilling battle between a vampire and a huge rat, while behind them the bear fights with the skeleton, and the bandits attack the elven soldiers. Skyrim is beautiful in their sometimes insane, originality, and good majestic scenery of snowy peaks, vast tundra, and night auroras.

4. To show the class on a snowboard

If eating winter sports, you already can not imagine life without them, and look with envy at the professional snowboarders, then you have a chance to get closer to their level. But self-study tricks and chips can be a lengthy process, and in the worst case and dangerous.

So do not waste your time and come to the sports center «On a trampoline», where highly professional trainers who will share their experience and learn how to do professional tricks. Most of them made the jump, and for the study of sports use trampolines. But before you start it, you are driven around the room, so that the muscles were warmed up and the body adapt to stress. When the coach will make sure that you are ready, you will be given a balance Board and practice snowboarding for learning tricks. As you grow your skills you’ll master more complex techniques and exercises until you not make a decent snowboarder, which is not a sin and in the competition to send.

All training takes place at the sports centre with the telling title «On the trampoline». It employs more than 20 trainers are masters of sport in gymnastics, acrobatics and trampolining. Also behind the centre number of Pro-riders who performed and won prizes at many competitions in Europe and around the world. If there’s a place where you can find many enthusiasts, athletes and fans of acrobatics and gymnastics only here. So it is not only a sports centre but a sports club, where apart from developing specific skills also to find like-minded people and maintain yourself in good shape. By the way, the centre has 4 halls in Moscow, so getting there won’t be a problem. So whatever goal you have set, they’ll help you achieve them. And who doesn’t want to jump on a trampoline is just fun!

5. Getting a tattoo

So! Do it! The drawings on the body of the man began to put tens of thousands of years ago, but the only thing that distinguishes us from ancient Neanderthals is the presence of any unadvanced grandmothers with disapproving glances. But we recommend you to hammer on the opinions of others, if any — tattoo has become a familiar thing, and there’s no reason not to decorate their body with beautiful pictures. Tattoos do look very interesting and attract the attention they merit, provided that the made proven tattoo artists. You can fill a small tattoo in an experiment, and to make his body a work of art — a step, in any case, very responsible. It is therefore not necessary to do the tattoo lovers or in untested areas without portfolio.

Professional tattoo artist will be your friend and ally for the duration of the process, from thinking through the concept and style and ending with the application and subsequent care of a tattoo. Kosher tattoo parlors, he will hold a conversation with you, give advice on all matters, will tell and show you their work and will help determine the image. Before applying the tattoo the artist will show you the sketch, based on your desires and preferences. By the way, here’s an interesting fact — most people do dark tattoo in the style of «my life my rules» or ethnic lines. And if the wizard prompts you to abandon any ideas — better listen to him. The fact that there are artists who love creative and unexpected solutions. So if you have any ideas for a tattoo, but do you really want, especially for you to verified tattoo Studio can create a unique and one of a kind figure.

6. To walk in the dark

Sometimes we have too little time to devote to things that are in us from birth. One of them is vision. Every day we see a bright and colorful world, and so used to it that for us it’s nothing special. Just see. Just the world. For variety, try to prepare something with closed eyes — at best you’ll be tired, and at worst you will cut yourself. But if you want to experience a useful and interesting experience, once in place of a blind person — you should go on a «Walk in the dark.»

This project, designed to acquaint everyone with the invisible world that we don’t have a clue. Blind people in it — like fish in the water and doing fine without our help. But the project «a Walk in the dark» as they will be your guides. You spend almost an hour in pitch darkness, relying only on sounds, smells, tactile sensations, and the voice of the conductor. Bright and unforgettable experience, we guarantee you — you do realize all the delights this life and will be a new way to relate to people with disabilities. Nevertheless, it will be fun and very unusual because of your blind guides are very funny and cheerful guys.

7. Learn how to massage

You can say anything, but winter break is the perfect opportunity to do what in ordinary days we hardly have the time. Although to say something about the massage silly, because it is generally a special thing that should be in the skill of any self-respecting man, on a par with the skills exactly to cut the log and change a diaper with my eyes closed. Massage is a universal tool for subordination of any girl, the main thing is to use it.

It just so happened that legends go more often about Thai massage. For this reason I would like to note that any fine art is not a study, if it is taught not at home. To become a monk only in Nepal, learn German in Germany, and to learn the intricacies of Thai massage — only in Thailand. Fortunately, there is one Russian-language school of Thai massage, where they teach local methods in the best traditions of Russian masters, but adapted for Europeans. If there is too much time, you can order the training Express program. Otherwise, to be held in Pattaya will have a little bit more than all the winter holidays. Fortunately, the school provides housing and transportation, so that the finances can not worry. But the return home will feel like a real pilgrim that know the secrets of the secret skills.

8. To prepare for a marathon

Don’t know about you, but I think this is the right time to check your body for strength and willpower. There is something really masculine, ancient this — to run, despite the snow, the wind, the cold. And training for a marathon is a real test of not only body, but character. But in order not to fall victim to harsh winters, never really starting a workout, you need to follow a few rules.

First, long distances do not make the wrong posture: stand tall, hold your head straight and keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees (in the palm of your pockets). Second, buy a scarf-mask — this thing is optional at zero temperature, but in extreme cold it is better to wear to protect the nose. Thirdly, eat right — choose carbohydrate foods and drink lots of water. And be sure to download the app that will help you to calculate your pace — mega-important information that will help to avoid a situation when you rush to the start, and after 42 kilometers and crawl to the finish line. And remember: we have to escape is not by force, and inspired future success.

9. Catch the wave

Wonderful 21st century has given us many unusual, such as the ability to ride the wave of the winter, flying to the Bahamas or Tahiti. However, the latter is relevant if you live in St. Petersburg because here is a special pitch with an artificial wave Sunpark is a perfect opportunity to buy a couple of baselines in the surf, before venturing to go to tame the harsh waves of a tropical sea. Thanks to a thin, but strong water pressure is generated by a thread that is sort of a smaller version of the natural counterpart — in other words, you can not be afraid to choke under was covered by a wave or be in the jaws of a bloodthirsty great white shark.

By the way, here you can train a skill at wakeboarding – there is a special hoist and experienced coaches who will tell you why you fall, barely standing on the Board, even though not yet gone from the land. And for the brats 6-14 years here, there are entire courses — what is not a reason to make the usual New year the first step to a new hobby? The only catch in all this: the inevitable illusion that you departed from the country and now are somewhere in Oceania to go out after a few hours of rest in a place like this is incredibly difficult.

10. Meet virtual reality

Virtual reality is already here. Fiction writers wrote books about it, filmmakers made films, and philosophers pondered the minds in the Bank and asked questions like: «What if in the future we will be able to simulate entire worlds with real personalities in them? After all, if it will, then we — humanity, can only be a laboratory work of two students from any alpha Centauri».

While you think over this deep and scary thought, we will tell you how to get acquainted with virtual reality closer. In fact, everything is simple: you need to have some of the VR glasses. Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Hololens. Here’s just one catch — they are very expensive. And the computer they need appropriate. Therefore it is better to go to a club of virtual reality. So, everything goes in a spiral: VR clubs have replaced the computer, and it’s cool. In Moscow it is best to visit 3D VR Club — here are the latest developments in the field of technologies of a virtual reality through which the organizers will arrange the present show, a lot of games and genres. When you go, be sure to try a «mixed reality» glasses Hololens — the world that surrounds you, will merge with the 3D world, which, by the way, you can interact! Cool feeling is provided to you during the holidays.

11. Learn to skate

Infamous first steps on the ice for the biggest price for that after a week the zipper to slip past harvesting to the side of the newcomers. I agree that this ability is hidden indestructible mass of cordiality and opportunities for peace. Here, on the ice, meet people, spend Dating, teach their children, just the soul – but it’s just a bunch of ice the size of a small square, where this place is so much magic? Although sometimes the reverse happens: the same place focus mostly on field for a fierce battle, where break sticks and knock out the teeth.

Well, in fact, and in another case, it is better to take care of what to wear on your feet, as traditionally on the rollers it is rare to find the perfect skates. If it is wrong to choose the size and shape, leisure can turn into torture, and foot — swollen lump. So I decided mother evolution that the feet we have all very different, so spend time in advance and buy the normal shoes, which will allow the foot to hang out, but not to shrink under the pressure. Might stick buy: even if you’re not going to play ice hockey — very few people on the ice can occur.

12. To play Silent Night or Jingle Bells

Fantastic atmosphere of Christmas makes even the most callous Grinch moved to a children’s choir singing holiday songs immortal. Unfortunately, in Russia have no such tradition, but that can prevent you yourself to please the audience during the next feast and play outstanding works of Franz Gruber and James Pierpont?

These compositions are quite simple even for novice and relaxed pace, and allows them to play at least piano, Ocarina, though. But perhaps the most charming version comes out on the violin, which has long been a symbol of any holiday. Get familiar musician to show you the right notes and spend a couple of days of training — you won’t regret it.

13. To look your fears in the face

You certainly have fears. They all have. If you think this is wrong and that you cannot be intimidated, you’re wrong. Perhaps the reason that you have not yet encountered something that can drive you into fear and panic so that the heart will overflow, and the primary instincts prevail over reason. To check it and spend time so that you will remember all next year, go to horror quest «In the mouth of madness» from team Science of Fear. At the moment it is one of the worst quests in reality — in the story you and your team will be in the mind of a serial killer suffering from multiple personality disorder and severe schizophrenia to one hour to find out where his latest victim. If you do not have time — will remain in the mind of a psychopath forever.

Locations and situation in the quest, really crazy, as befits the mind of a psycho, even just by being there, you feel the pressure of the atmosphere, which was created to developers. Throughout the passage you have to deal with the enveloping horror, to actively move around and solve puzzles the mind of the maniac. This could be the worst event in your life. Because of the number of bricks that will accompany you all the way, enough to build their own home.

14. To ski

The eternal debate about who is cooler: people on one Board or two and sticks — can be solved only by yourself. From our subjective point of view of a snowboard lends charm alone, but the skiing is great for couples or family people. It is not so extreme, although skiing can also be not weak to roll over, especially if you fly outside the track. Anyway, given the above, it is enough to observe those who already know how to ski, and after personally desperate step in a «void» on the training track.

By the way, the age-old question which is set sooner or later, any fan of winter resorts: to buy the equipment? If you read our previous articles, you already understand that the best option with renting nothing. Of course, if you’re going to subsequently participate in the Olympics, then surely the choice is obvious. In other cases, on any of our decent resort in Krasnodar region there are rentals with a wide selection of new equipment, both for Amateurs and for professionals. For example, the rental Start — on the website you can pre-book equipment and not even bother about the queue. Unable to the kit via courier or pick it up at the rental.

15. To celebrate the day spaghetti

If you were on 4 January in USA, you know what I need to do that day. Of course, cook spaghetti! This national American holiday has long been annually empties the shelves with pasta. By the way, this is not an Italian dish spaghetti was invented by the Arabs several thousand years ago, and the Italians just perfected the technique of cooking.

But who needs a story — time to cook! Moreover, in the preparation of spaghetti has its own pair of nuances. First you need more water and bigger pot (wide bottom). Lay out a pasta fan, not breaking, and before the end of cooking, or rather, two minutes before the end, start tasting them. The fact that spaghetti should not be cooked until the end: the Italians call it the «al Dante» — undercooked. And God forbid you wash these precious pasta under running water. Durum wheat don’t need it, so prepare a deep dish and don’t forget a good sauce. And good company, which you can buy. Bon appetite!

16. To master the airbrush

The airbrush is an incredibly versatile art form. As the paint is sprayed under air pressure to create a pattern in almost anything, whether it be a car, phone, laptop, furniture, wall apartment or any other surface. Yes and make these services very, very bad. Therefore, holidays to good use and visit the First Center of Airbrushing, where you will be happy to teach you all the tricks of this process has already taught more than 500 people.

I want to note that this is not a superficial acquaintance with the airbrush, a school like the University — the entire course will last about 170 hours. In fact, a University semester. And attendance is free — they understand that many people are busy and working around the clock. To teach you will be step by step: from simple to complex. Will give all the tools and materials will be taught how to handle them, will tell you about the process, shows secrets, techniques and effects used in painting surfaces. At the end you will be a confident artist, who would be able to perform technically complex image. You can, incidentally, to visit a trial lesson — it’s free.

17. Cook delicious hot chocolate

It’s not as important as knowing how to cook fancy coffee in the Turk, but in the new year — the primary task. The divine drink can not only warm in cold days, but also to bring people together, so maybe this is your chance to win the heart of the very Maiden who decided to come back to you on Christmas eve.

In fact, a complex in this magic skill is nothing. You’ll need one bar of 65% dark chocolate, milk and 7 minutes for the whole process. Since we expect two persons, then you need to heat 1.5 cups of milk over medium heat until the quiet boil, reduce the flame and pour into the pan small mangled pieces of chocolate, not more than 400 grams (otherwise you will have sugar added). Poured? Now stir until smooth and poblikuvani. It is certainly not the perfect recipe, and there are nuances, but the girl will appreciate.

18. Go through the school of extreme driving

Although we are not sure that someone will work this time, so I decided to help you his wisdom, moreover, there is nothing daunting in the exit of the drifts there. Even if winter tires failed, and the car suddenly lost grip, it felt right — if the machine becomes weightless. The first time it is quite difficult to understand immediately, but as soon as you become clear, do everything according to instructions. In front-wheel drive, add gas and gently turn the wheel into the skid, and rear-wheel drive, on the contrary, weaken the pressure on the pedal. Do not touch any of the clutch or the handbrake won’t help. All-wheel-drive harder — they should just wait the end of the skid, a little by loosening the steering wheel in the same direction.

But to learn to turn with a controlled skid, as in the movie, will have to practice. On the front and full drive you drive up to the intersection, turn the steering wheel and immediately pulled the handbrake, squeezing the clutch, and the steering wheel turned into the skid. On the back harder: before turning you must first turn sharply in the direction of rotation, and then Vice versa, as should be pinning the gas pedal to the floor (to the end of the maneuver!). The rear wheels will immediately start to slide, but are you sure turning the steering wheel into the skid, a little productive it will turn the situation back to normal. Until the end of the trick the steering wheel should be at neutral position. Only train in a special area, please.

19. Climb to 3 thousand meters

Seriously, the Dragonborn can, and we are not? Don’t know how many meters in the Throat of the World, but in the Caucasus there are a lot of tops that are just waiting for brave souls willing to face any difficulty. Actually, 3 thousand is just the height that is accessible to beginners and at the same time, do not give in without a fight, in the end, that’s a third of Everest. It all depends on the mountain and season, but you can try your hand and spend a few days on a real man’s feat.

In a professional environment, such a campaign is listed under the category not of mountain climbing and trekking. Usually climbing trehtysyachnik takes no more than one day, but under condition of knowledge of the route and the variability of the weather. Among the «candy» of the Western Caucasus spectacular can be safely called Agepsta in Krasnaya Polyana (need parapraphs). But abroad there are great instances like the German Zugspitze and the symbol of Slovenia-Triglav. Don’t need any special equipment, but be ready to difficulties in the difficult areas and wildlife.

20. To have a movie marathon night

And it may well, the run — there’s a snowfall outside the window. But the house is warm, there is a telly and a pack of popcorn, so why not make a marathon of the masterpieces of cinema? The company is a lot more fun, especially since you can play the ancient game of «drink every time…»: for example, when «Game of Thrones» saying «winter is coming». And if the company is smart, it will be fun to pochvalit logical bloopers in the movie «I am legend» or «Mission impossible».

However, for an individual, this activity is quite interesting. And the movie marathon is a great chance to see finally what has long been not shown in the cinemas. Black and white Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando could play and stories are already able to capture with his head. A modern auteur cinema like «Lebanese» or «Loka», which doesn’t get worldwide, but still captures your attention is clearly more than all these blockbusters, zasmotreny to the holes. Most importantly, do not overdo it and try to allocate a couple of hours on a daily walk.

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