Things to ask yourself before to change something in his career

manygoodtips.com_26.05.2014_bOLMQ1pgwjKUxThink about how to ask for a raise or looking to change profession?

Any serious career change requires you are the most responsible approach to decision making. Before jumping into the maelstrom of head, it is necessary to weigh all «for» and «against» and ask yourself some important questions.

1. Are you ready to learn?

New place of work and/or the post will involve a high level of involvement in the workflow is definitely higher than the old place. Think if you’re ready for the next time to devote to work is much more mental and maybe physical strength than you’re used to? Can you «include» it?

2. If you’re ready to learn something new about yourself?

In the process of experiencing the twists and turns of career, you will probably open up a whole range of qualities, which have not been suspected before. By the way, the opening can be unpleasant. Let’s say you can’t handle the stress, which is an integral part of your new job, do not have time to assimilate the necessary amount of information. However, the possibility to get pleasantly surprised myself as great as the probability to fail. Without this solution, you probably don’t will soon find the courage and perseverance required to obtain a new position, or a talent for learning languages.

3. Does it affect the decision of your loved ones?

And if so, how? You may think that a salary increase will only be happy ones, but what if along with the increase of income among the factors affecting relationships with loved ones will be long trips or serious stress, which will affect your behavior outside of work? Talk to family and friends, discuss with them how your career can affect your relationship.

4. If you can afford it in financial terms?

Surely everyone at least once in a lifetime dream to quit work and sit down to write a novel. Think about how long you can last of his writing, what sources of income do you plan to use as the main during this time and how your decision to write a novel will affect those for whom you are responsible (see above).

5. How this decision changes your vision of success?

Let’s say you have been tempted by the salary at the new place, but does this mean that you betrayed your professional goals for the sake of money? The question of earnings in order to do something that you’re not as interesting as you said at the interview? And how long can you survive?

6. Scares you this decision?

Always remember that in a career, as well as in other aspects of life, there are so many what is outside its sphere of influence. Chance, coincidence, unexpected features for new work — all of which can seriously unsettle. Are you ready to accept the chaos of the new for granted and not go crazy trying to control everything?

7. Does this career stage in the development of you as a person?

The characteristics of the work one way or another is beyond the scope of wages or the number of days in the month. We spend a huge amount of my time is spent on her own emotional and intellectual resources. Before you take an important career decision, be sure to think about what will give you a new place in terms of development of personal qualities and professional skills. If a new job will teach you only the ability to sleep with my eyes open — it might not be the best place.

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