Things that you have to give the son

You may not have children now, but if you want, someday you’ll have it. Every parent wants to leave something to his son, how to teach it life, good things and share experience. But along with knowledge must be passed on to some things. You can say that all of this sentiment that in the modern era, things don’t make sense to transfer because they quickly go out of fashion and easier every year to buy a new one? This is not so, dude! With the eternal knowledge that a good education provides for the transfer of family heirlooms. While knights handed swords (and not only because they were very expensive), in the nineteenth century — paintings, snuff boxes, cigarette cases, in the twentieth century — the books and records. Now also fashionable to give something, because it is a good tradition.

1. Pocket knife

thing for son1434424301Look at our knives of heading «Inventory», they are to pass them on to his son. Reason: quality. What, as some sort of a smaller version of the sword can be passed to the son of with this idea. Son will be pleased, especially if it’s some kind of cool knife or multitool. This role would suit a quality knife of classic design. When you give a knife, teach the son a few skills from him: how to whittle a stick for camp, multiple fighting attacks or something similar.

2. Notebook

thing for son0614420106A wise man said: «There are three deaths. The first is when the body ceases to function. Second — when the body was placed in the grave. The third is when your name in the future no longer pronounce!» Oblivion is not a pleasant fate, because it largely means that you have died forever. Blogs can go into the archive and what is your son to read about your life from the monitor? Our advice to you: get a good, quality notebook. Like a diary like this. To as the father of Indiana Jones or a relative of the protagonist of any work of art. Write there interesting findings, the record of life, recipes, observations. But to write it is beautiful, start a blog and practice it. Be sure that the memory of you may not persist in children (because a child is not an extension of you, and the essence of the other person), but may remain in the records. Type «we had such a relative, well-written, his records, my grandson».

3. A good watch

thing for son0048320387Remember, man, as in the movie «pulp fiction» hero Christopher Walken gave the son of his comrade of the watch? It was really very important. Omit the details of the storage of these hours… we don’t need it yet. Watch great family heirloom, like pictures, records. If you wear a cheap watch, accumulate and change them into high quality, expensive, beautiful and without piles only timeless classic, automatic, strap real leather (although this is not critical). So, if you’re lucky and you create this clan, he will have something to pass on from generation to generation.

4. The real men recipes

thing for son0121167272Nothing unites people like food. And rightly so. If you don’t know how to cook, it would be nice to learn. We are referring to something masculine, in the spirit of fry steak. Remember that women like, not only when a man knows how to cook, but when the husband, you would not believe cook. Your recipes (and not ashamed), too it is possible to write in the notebook is useful for you and your children.

5. Handle

thing for son0347055509Of course, in the near future, technology will supersede standard scribbling pen on paper (although, I think that in our country it will be soon), but why don’t you donate some Parker gold pens for your kids? The perfect symbolic gift! And in my hour of need and you can sell — don’t you forget it.





6. Tool set

thing for son0732919885At least a basic: screwdriver, planers, lathes, hammers. Do not make excuses that in today’s world good enough to earn all the chores you will do for other people. Ability to work hands — a very serious plus for any man. Still most women in their image of the «perfect man»(C) has the step «is able to do something with your hands.» Here, they’re not mean, dude. Son needs to not only send a set of good tools, it is necessary also to teach to use them, so much so that son liked it. The best way of learning is the suggestion that the boy that the ability to do something with your hands really makes him stand out against other dudes. It’s true!

7. A good bottle of favorite alcohol

thing for son0670315703It is proven that children whose families have the culture of drinking good alcohol, much less flow dependent on him. First, they know the rules, and secondly, know what real alcohol. Chances to get drunk on expensive booze they have enough: alcohol is expensive. So let his son to drink alcohol a good bit of his life. And age give him a bottle of his favorite alcohol. And try it with him.

8. Bottle opener

thing for son1237098951Okay, take something from the category of the eternal. For example this one, or this one or that one. If all of the above things (except the tools) may lie some time in the storeroom, the bottle opener or the corkscrew has all the chances to be commonly used that will only prolong their service life.

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