Things that will help survive the Apocalypse

We so often watch movies and TV shows about the Apocalypse that you have started to think about how to survive in a doomed world after mankind came to an end. Movies do not give us an exact answer, the game Day Z — too. How can you believe the game, which are operating entire units of naked devils!? We, as people of the Renaissance believe in inventory. Only here just does not carry off, so you need to choose the most necessary for the period of senseless wandering the wastelands, finding refuge for his body and adventure in his huge backpack. So we tried it. As they say, prep kit survivalist to an alien invasion… or what we shall die there?

Survival kit


So. the Apocalypse has come. Ametrines in every sense of the word. No houses, no familiar life, trees too. Only the ruins of the world. On the one hand the zombie is running out with cool nuclear winter. One thing remains: to wipe the tears away, to get prepared inventory and begin to survive.

Let’s start with the most important. What tool can be called the right hand of the survivalist? No, not coercion, and not even a gun in space will Orient the stick do not drop and the fish won’t get caught. As you probably guessed, talking about multitool. And not simple, and one that is better and doctors, emergencies Ministry and intelligence agencies around the world, and even ordinary hunters and fishermen. Talking about the SOL origin. In the attractive case fit much more than a knife blade, an awl and a strange thing that resembles a saw, which you’re not even in a zombie Apocalypse is not going to use. But you’ll need a signaling mirror, a flint with a flint knife, fishing hooks and other useful items fit in the case of this remarkable device. Don’t forget that you’ll have to forage for food, build a fire and file associates signals help in case of a sudden bad zombies or looters will take you in a dense hostile ring. With such apparatus is not terrible, so even in the day of judgment.



Having firearms is not easy, especially in peacetime. And after obscuritate the dead and to enclose the trunks in search of ammo is troublesome. Whether it is a crossbow! The eternal, the everlasting arms, in which even the license is not needed. To him, of course, have to get used to, but then he’ll repay you three-fold gratitude in the form of saved lives and caught the beast. Don’t forget that you’re going to want to get yourself, and with a multitool and a hatchet is problematic.

When choosing a crossbow, you can stay on the Styx Interloper. Domestic brands, disruptive force comparable to firearms, unlike hunting weapons license or permit to purchase is not required. Shoulders the crossbow shoot is very compact and easy to transport/carry. The rate of departure — 121 meter per second doesn’t, but is perfectly balanced. 3800 m for the crossbow such power is a great value. It is absolutely easy to use and even a layman will like it and on the shoulder.

A crossbow is not a step back, because it can be tuned to put the optical sight 4h32 and scaring all the animals only one view.


Well, what’s the Apocalypse without a knife! It is not the Apocalypse, and in expectation of death. Then you and the last sausage on the ground to cut, and a zombie, too, by the way, to cut.

Without a knife in any way. You can take an ordinary kitchen and hold out as long as you’re lucky, and you can get a reliable knife for all occasions. Don’t forget, most likely, will have to inflict serious bodily looters, but here a tactical knife is not enough.

Than Sturm, for example, was developed in accordance with the recommendations of the special forces soldiers. The result was 119 mm alive, dangerous and reliable steel, which the fire does not burn and does not sink in water. Importantly, it will help out in difficult times. Anyway, you and him have a better chance than DiCaprio against dipper.



And where will you live? I’m afraid that the house is unlikely to succeed. Suddenly have to run away from dispersed in the dusty remains of the city in the forest? Then use the tent, not just the same sky to sleep. Tent only need this, to at any time defended, was mobile and reliable. As tent-machine LOTUS 5 Universal with a warm inner tent and additional accessories, with which it will be universal in both summer and winter. This tent can be installed in just a minute on a frozen pond and not leaving it to get fish. To all the beasts and marauders didn’t catch you by surprise, the tent can be used to mask the branches and stones — very sturdy frame and can withstand heavy loads. The tent is your home for the next few days. And if you like your portable home and comfortable, and the will to survive increases.



Maybe you don’t have to rush to a meeting, but you definitely need to hurry before sunset. And to navigate in time is also necessary, otherwise you can get a temporary prostration and lose hope. To do this, hence the need for a watch. And what? Even a child knows that the best are the Swiss, and the most reliable watch in the military. Do not need to save, most likely, the new in post-apocalyptic world you can’t buy. Specifically, this Swiss-made, fully meet the NATO standard MIL-PRF-46374G, type 3, grade 1. That is, they have impact-resistance such that a direct hit by a stone and the Nokia 3310 will survive. Water resistance — 200 meters, so to cross the pond and pass swamps without removing them from the hands.

The main feature is the title of hours. Traser is a ball that glows in flight. And this watch uses an innovative tritium illumination, which does not require recharging from the sun and does not waste the battery. Even if you’re 10 years will sit in a dark bunker, this watch will glow.

These watches any combat units of the NATO, so you should know that steep military watch should look like. They have not ceased to show in the moment when you count down the seconds to detonation, purchase them from the official supplier.


After several days of wandering through the post-apocalyptic wasteland, you’ll get bold and stop being afraid of whispers, beasts and shadow. You’ll be cool, like a lion of Durov «be Not afraid, I am with you», and so the rest in the open air will not be a problem. And what is sleep? Not on the leaves. Bundle up in an overcoat too not solid. Why not take a hammock? A lot of space it does not occupy, sleep in it comfortable, cozy and interesting. And if he is strong like a chain mail, then worry about the lack of accommodation is not necessary. We have, of course, laid up for you a comfortable camping hammocks. Such can not even worry about the lack of tents. The most important thing about hammocks is the place. When folded they occupy a volume of 1 liter. Made of parachute silk. Weigh from 500 to 700 grams, depending on size, thus easily withstand up to 200 kg. for Wherever the love of him is not lost.

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