Things that will help survive the Apocalypse. Part 2

We have already raised the question of the potential of judgment day, advising you to get everything you need in advance. But consider carefully our own preparation for the Apocalypse, we came to the conclusion that the list of things needed for survival at a time when life has given global the crack, should be continued, because you never know where you will find where you lose. If you’re ready to deal with the inevitable face-to-face, then here’s another one of the strategic list. Learn, acquire and overcome the scourge of fate with us.

1. Storm jacket


In any weather you, as a person ready to survive the Apocalypse, must have the proper gear that will protect you from disasters, cold and wind with stones. In this situation, we would advise you storm jacket, because its characteristics are best suited for overcast times of mankind. Jacket NEOSHELL BASK GRAPHITE EXTREME, for example, made of a hydrophobic material, and in case you don’t know what it is, we simplify the formulation: this fabric is waterproof but breathable, which keeps you rotting inside a rescue suit. Three-layer membrane fabric water repellent, and style of the jacket is modeled under the anatomical features of your body, allowing you to keep heat and mobility, and this is very important during the Apocalypse.

2. Flashlight with built in radio


In the period, when electricity will become unavailable or even disappear as a species, and batteries you also have nowhere to find, come to the aid of a flashlight. Imagine how you chase away the darkness only one movement of his hands. The fact that this lantern is from the rotation of the mechanical arm that makes you a full-fledged master of the situation. And all is good, but something was missing. Can music? In a flashlight just built-in radio, where you’ll probably be able to catch a wave some of those that survived radio stations and be aware of what’s going on in horrified the world.

3. Multitool


Multitool is your salvation from all troubles, as it has everything you would find in your garage (let’s pretend you have one). In a difficult situation, when something is out of order, you can always fix it, pulling out his portable tool box from Ganzo G301. Such a device combines the 26 practical tools, including — spring-loaded pliers with wire cutters, regular and serrejtornyj a knife, can opener, scissors, nail file, a set of interchangeable screwdriver bits and a lot of effort. All the details of the Ganzo G301 is made of stainless steel and designed to serve you in good stead for a long time. This device is a full-size, but can be put anywhere, just in case, I suggest you keep it in jeans pocket, for example. The bike is broken, can’t open a tin can, need something to tweak, to get food or just to scare the zombies — stay calm with the multitool you can handle it.

4. Solar battery


Well, what if the world went off a cliff, does that mean you have to forget about comfort? We think not, therefore, found an opportunity for you not to part with their smartphone even during the Apocalypse. Thanks to solar panels, you will be able to put your device on charging anywhere. Maybe your favorite band at the moment is already eating into their fans or turns into a zombie, and you can listen to their latest album, apocalyptic or make a selfie, before it gets dark. Such solar battery is actually not as big as you could always appear, so you can carry it with you in a waterproof backpack is very convenient.

5. Backpack


The cornerstone of all travelers and be saved from disasters is, of course, a backpack. When choosing you need to consider some very important points, which will depend on the survival of your miserable carcass. First, the capacity in a small volume, optimally 40-60 litres. Get to carry much in the pockets does not fit all. Second, reliability. Things need to be protected from water and Outlook anywhere to fail. And thirdly, convenience. For him, your back will say thank you. All these characteristics have sealed backpack Gecko 40 from Nova Tour. It has everything to pass the fire, water and copper pipes. It provides a hundred percent protection things from the water, fabric and accessories with durability. A volume of 40 liters will allow you to bring all your cool gadgets. Gecko design is quite versatile and will be perfect for your friend survived, if you suddenly devour a zombie.

6. Binoculars


An important campaign can do without the binoculars? Absolutely, but not during the Apocalypse! Binoculars may be needed to compute their enemies that want to eat you or your food, zombie infestation, or other natural phenomena, able to raze everything to the ground. If you decided to hunt, observations of potential prey at a reasonable distance may also require the presence of binoculars. Besides, they have some good old-fashioned romance and nostalgia about those times when you were still young, and first saw his grandfather’s binoculars, it was heavy and bulky, but as it was magic! Now you can tell your grandchildren, binoculars helped you survive the Apocalypse. In other words, high sit, far surface, man.

7. Bow


Apocalypse — it’s time to think about the weapons that you can use not only as protection but also for food, for example. It seems to us that the onion is a very cool option for such a situation, because it is powerful, like a gun that shoots 70 meters, but light and easy to use, economical and most importantly, what is also important, given how much there is to buy for the dark times of humanity. If you do not know where you can get a weapon without a license and other permissions to the storage and buy, then find out for yourself bow Interloper Assasin. Advanced and technological, it will be useful to you for hunting in harsh conditions, and thanks to the camouflage colors, you will be able to remain invisible to any kind of enemies. Bow is customized for the individual characteristics of its user and, therefore, its use will not make you difficult when the case will make.

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