Things that my parents were right

What dad said, I almost do not remember. But remember the words of his grandmother, mother, godmother and several other people. They surprisingly turned out to be right, although when I was under 18, I thought all this nonsense of old people. This list will consist of things in the spirit «and the mother said, today we decided to make some unusual the list. I think that one of your wise relatives (if you have) ever told you something like that.

1. In your 20, 30 and 40 years you won’t feel 20, 30 and 40 years

It’s not that what you have in heart lives a little child. Although this is so. The fact is that for most people a transitional moments in life have nothing to do with age. Some 17 feel like 30, and some 30 stupid and inexperienced as I in 17. The psychological age does not depend on age passport. Sometimes you can feel old at 25, but when you’re 40, you’ll never feel. There is a strong feeling of age, it invented it in your head.

2. Unpleasant things in your relationship with friends may occur

You know, dude, even a real friendship can’t last forever. Before my eyes is a wonderful example of the friendship that lasts for years. This friendship of my mother with University and friends from my previous job. It lasts for almost more than 30 years! But, unfortunately, friendship, even the strongest can break. Rather, it may cease to be a priority. And it’s business as usual. Friends should be let go. A great example: the emergence in the life of guy children. They are now his priority, you see less of it and suddenly realize that he has changed and you are now infinitely far away. Do not forget about it, but to be disappointed is not worth it.

3. The people in your life can affect you

Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, but never, I beg you, don’t think you’re so bright and independent personality, which cannot be influenced. This is nonsense!

4. The first impression is not always correct

I remember my grandma had it thoroughly hammered in the head and I was sure that the first impression is the correct one. In the distance we often make mistakes, in a positive or negative direction, but most often the first impression is what we tried to show this man. Or we have decided. In the latter case is evident our subjectivity.

5. Do not squander a lot of work and a lot of industries, focus on one

I was digging mother. I wanted to draw, play guitar, learn programming, read books on history and philosophy and as a result I know a little. Hell, if all this time I’ve spent at least two things from this list, I would have reached whereveronlonger strides. I satisfactory the artist, absolutely no gambler guitar worthless programmer and the man who something read (the latter I did much more). Tops and not the roots, in short. More I don’t repeat!

6. Sometimes, something needs to be done

There are many things that «need» to do, even if we don’t want. You must put aside your fears and take courage. This may be the first step, resolute action, a manifestation of nature and so on. Often the first time we did not succeed, but that is no reason to drop everything and nothing to do, lamenting his failure.

7. In order to get something, something has to give

Unfortunately, everything in this world tends to live by the law of conservation of energy. Of course, there are times when people get large pieces of something, when they are in the right place, but this is rare, man! So in this world always have to sacrifice something and it is a common practice.

8. Don’t try to make every person impressed. «You do not Ducat to please everyone»

Unfortunately, even if we will be the real nyashkami with all of the world, there will always be people who will consider us hypocritical and I wish you all will like it. In fact, these people much more. The fact is that if you’re trying to please someone, it can be seen with the naked eye. The man who more or less understands the people can easily identify that something is not pure. Nobody likes an upstart. If you want to treated normally, just act natural and just. People like it.

9. Simplicity is cool

About the obvious benefits of simplicity we had some useful article. Here it is, if so. But don’t confuse simplicity and neoslojnennoe intelligence, for example. This is blasphemy!

10. In the details — the essence

Sometimes told in good society joke helps you get the job of your dreams. Coffee Cup for girls may help to win her love, and some donated to them a trifle will strengthen the love in your heart. We think that big is always important, but it is not so.

11. Less advice is the best advice

Sometimes instead of to cover the advice of a man, which is bad enough in General, nothing to advise. Or to give one piece of advice in the spirit: «Do what you want». People do not need a lot of advice, they need to live! Our life stories and experience — this specific history is our history! Often a long-term relationship with a beautiful hand instantly disappear because of some trifles. Sometimes things appear where they weren’t supposed to appear. Life is a very specific thing. Of course, there is a universal and most current advice in the spirit: «the former can not be friends», but there are some cases where exes become best friends.

12. Learn to manage your time

When I’m in the eighth grade, nothing worked with the organization of their personal space and time, mother insisted that I learned how to control it. Over time (pun intended) I realized that time is quite manageable and the organization of his — the best way to do everything on time and relatively quickly. And then there’s time, so to speak, in itself.

13. Manage your money

I never thought that an estimate of its income and expenditures is what makes sense to do. I thought I was doing so only pedantic people obsessed with organization and correctness. But when I have my first big paycheck literally pissed away for three days, and buy useful I was only able shoes, I realized that to plan your budget still necessary. I began to prepare meals, monitor the closet and accounts. All this I described in detail in this article.

14. What you learn in school has value

So, dude, you now can actively argue that 90 percent of it useless! But no. Yes, I think that 50 percent of all of this is useless, but the other 50 important for the OVERALL development. In principle, if we are not taught in literature all this unnecessary criticism in the spirit of «Bazarov the nihilist» and «Ray of light in the darkness,» it would be much better. But the essence not in it! Mathematics has helped make my brain a vegetable and has taught me a relatively good idea to count out loud. Biology and chemistry personally, I always loved the way the and anatomy. Russian language taught me on how to write correctly. English had obvious benefits, though him me and few people, no one seemed to pay attention. History has taught us disgusting, but I always wondered what was going on in this crazy world before I was born. This knowledge is necessary for the overall development, it is the experience of many generations, obtained with sweat and blood. Stop thinking that if skills and knowledge cannot be anything to apply, they are useless. It is not so! However, I still don’t understand why I have SO much math?

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