Things that, in the opinion girls should be at your house

you need to have a home

To spend time and some money to make his den more enjoyable for a friend is an important step towards a relationship or just good sex. No, we won’t tell you to equip your peasant cave multivarka and hair sprays, it’s much easier. If you have a house will different girlie necessities, a friend will stay with you more often and more readily, and this means more profit for you.

Girls have a lot to provide, but not all. Thus different things stashed in case of emergency need, will turn you in her eyes a true hero will save her day and forced to be grateful. In short, plenty of advantages.

Pads or tampons. So-so. I know dudes are hard to buy them in stores. But girls can be and improvident, and the trouble can surprise them. Just put them somewhere in the far corner of the wardrobe. The man who took care of her needs, she seems no less magical. So, if gasket needed, it will mean that the sex you do not Shine, but the girls remember everything (you know), and she will reward you when red letter day is over. So, buy pads. Don’t choose the cheapest. And be sure: they always pay attention if the packaging has been opened and something is missing: this means that it been here and other. You know, in those days, no one wants to quarrel with girls, so the best move is to get them out of the packaging and put it in any box.

Bottled water and sparkling water. If you’re rich, add to this list, and champagne (not the most expensive, but in a pretty bottle). Many girls don’t like beer for a variety of reasons: the calories, the taste, belching. Juice two weeks ago is not very interesting. And want to drink, you can be sure. Have nice drinks, not necessarily alcoholic.

Condoms. No one wants to accidentally become parents.

Clean Cutlery, plates and cups. Yeah, I don’t like to wash dishes. But the girls and I are obsessed with hygiene, they just scared to come to your house and see from the kitchen sink falls out dirty dishes, and to eat only after washing to his plate. Don’t be an asshole. Prepare, wash a couple of plates. Let you have always ready will be set for a date, which you never touch — just for girl visits. At the same time please note: all items should be paired.

Analgesic. For the same reason that strip. Trust me, when the girl that hurt you too. It will behave like a real bitch because she has a stomach ache. Securing themselves.

Wet wipes. So, we have already said, girls are obsessed with hygiene. And we love them for it. It’s nice when you’re lying in bed with a clean person. Do not deprive her of that.

Clean socks, t-shirts, boxers. Wash clothes: she may want to wear it! No my dear friend according to his will not put on sweaty t-shirt since yesterday, the next morning.

Movies that girls may even want to look. Girls are different, obviously. Some of them don’t like hardcore violent movies, who doesn’t like action games, some adventure. Best selection of horror movies: it will hold you, and hug and hold hands, and then, you know, where it leads. Comedy is also a safe option, because humor brings us together and equally close predstavityalyam both sexes.

The lip balm. Dry chapped lips are not very nice to kiss. Leave it in a prominent place, let them enjoy. You will be more pleasant.

Simple cosmetics. Cleanser, not opened toothbrush, comb, disposable razors — it’s business as usual, nothing extraordinary. If she stays the night, you can imagine that in the morning she will not be so good with razmetanitsa makeup. Let washes and brush your teeth, it’s all clear. She can stay with you for the night spontaneously, and your hoarding will save her from having to run headlong into home. Let enjoys his unpredictability.

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