Things that don’t need to spend money

manygoodtips.com_12.11.2013_GChVWVt6z8KzF once again throws in front of you nuggets of wisdom in order to save your precious money and spend it wisely. Money can buy freedom — freedom from the constant desire to earn them. In fact, nothing terrible about the money either — it’s just a means of exchange. If you learn how to manage resources properly, you will not only be a rogue, but will be desperately bad-ass, who knows the value of money. Today we will talk about those things on which you can save money without any significant losses on your part. You probably won’t even notice the changes.

1. Bottled water

At work to drink water from bottles when no cooler is absolutely logical. But at home, man? If you don’t live in the desert and not on the planet Arakis, you certainly are in abundance of water from the tap. It may not be as clean as I would like, but this can be changed by the purchase of a water filter. Some water filters can be purchased at the price of 30 rubles in the form of a jug, which is equivalent to one bottle of a more or less decent drinking water without gas. If you don’t trust this filter, buy filter more expensive. Filtered water for cooking and drinking at times better than water from the tap and absolutely identical to the water from the bottle, if you don’t drink water at 100 rubles per liter. If you’re paranoid, bought a water purification system, expensive, but reliable.

2. Magazines and Newspapers

I don’t understand what’s the point if the same can be read for free on the website of a newspaper or magazine. The usual Newspapers and magazines have meaning only in the offices for beauty in a trendy café in order to spend time waiting for the order. While at the same time, you can read from your tablet or phone.

3. The cartridges on the printer

Cartridges cost a lot. But it’s much easier to buy paint and to learn to make them yourself. It is not so difficult, man, they say, from their own experience. The last time I bought paint for the printer, it was considerably cheaper than cartridges and two times cheaper than the gas station. The obvious savings, right? And yet, this valuable skill will help you in life: to print all that is true, and refill cartridges can do not all! Cartridges, of course, have to change due to the fact that they are faulty, but not so often. In General, this is the most overpriced office supplies. There is some kind of conspiracy!

4. Big apartment than you need

The advantage of large apartments that each have their own space. But most often it is the personal space is still limited to other people in your living space. Most often we choose to rent or buy an apartment with lots of space we actually need. The rest of the space, we pollute it with nonsense, instead of trying to do as the guys from IKEA. Never saw their exhibition stands, which are apartments with different sizes? Looks pretty cool. Of course, if you’re going to have a family and children, to take two, but not so big as you think. Remember about bills, taxes and other troubles!

5. Premium cable or satellite TV

Dude, how often do you watch TV? Every day? This is a problem. There are ample sites that offer you access to a good TV series, educational programs for free or for $ 10 per month. Cable is almost dead, because TV can be watched from a computer, right? Why spend so much money on something that you’re not looking. Notice, incidentally, that some bro do yourself a satellite TV only in order that it just was exactly this addition to the big screen, all the channels to watch not necessarily.

6. Furniture

No, dude, this does not mean that the furniture is not worth it to spend money on it. The furniture is not worth it to spend it unwisely a lot of money. The mark-up on furniture, by the way, generally indecent in some salons from 200 to plus infinity percent. You can always buy the furniture B/with friends or on sites like Craigslist. Bought a Used Desk and a wardrobe for a few cents still serve me faithfully. There are many chain stores that sell furniture for cheap. Even the same IKEA and the like, as if they were not abused. In the presence of direct hands and eyes on the right place you can always tell the shit furniture or it is normal. Buy furniture wholesale, incidentally, also has not been canceled. Try to do without any frills, sometimes a simple angry chair and table — best interior decoration.

7.Restaurants and prepared foods

Needless to say, that the food in the restaurants and cafes are ridiculously expensive? Let dinner at the cafe will be a nice lesson at the end of the week, or even once a month! You won’t believe how good it is for you, your health and controlling excess weight! Ready-made salads and foods that can be found in most supermarkets, too, are unreasonably expensive. One hundred grams of fried potatoes costs the same as a kilogram of ordinary, it goes beyond common sense, man! You seriously can’t spend 30 minutes a day to cook their potatoes or to fry it, simultaneously cleaning up in the shower, for example? And then we, having bought mayonnaise salads expensive, they complain that we don’t have enough money! Learning to cook, a friend seriously helps to save!

8. Branded items

Electronics with the coveted «Apple», clothes with tags some firms, elite varieties of goat cheese and milk is seriously something that you need to spend money if there are adequate substitutes? But they exist, man! And do not say that clothing from Kenzo is the most correct and the music you can only listen to the iPod! I hope you understand how that sounds.

9. New cars

I always wondered one my friend (who, incidentally, was the father of my classmate). This dude every three years changed the car. Seriously. He thought it was kind of a matter of honor. Tired of the car? Give it to wife or son, and buy a new one. Tired again? Give it to wife or son, and the first sell to save money for the next one. A car is a vehicle, which some make the object of worship, or the cult of luxury. In the novel of Douglas Adams «Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy» alien Ford Prefect was sure that the people worship their cars, as the highest species. As you can see since the release of the novel, nothing has changed

10. Nutritional supplements

If you eat right and not eat any rubbish, I assure you, vitamin complexes, dietary Supplements and protein powders you do not need. Of course, they do have their uses, but the digestibility of nutrients of the products of the chemical industry, usually much less. Therefore, a kilogram of chicken breast you, man!

11. Bad habits that need to spend money

Smoking is a habit, which went a considerable part of my budget. Additional costs added beer twice a week with friends for a half liter on the snout, on average. When I refused them, I suddenly realized that at the gym I spend much less than cigarettes and beer in General. These costs can add eating sweet products, such as my great passion — liver with coconut and candies with whole hazelnuts in chocolate, which I raved about two years ago. In total, these bad habits eats a huge part of my budget, but most importantly they gave me the extra weight and reduced my physical performance. Now I refused them and, you know, I don’t even pull back to Smoking so often to drink and eat sweets! Separately, about bad habits you can read here.

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