Things that aren’t on hand when you need them

things that aren't on handInfinite if today we are whining about things that always somewhere to go when they need us so.

1. Your tram you need to get to work. Before and after the trams have come and gone on schedule, but your shit always is lost somewhere on the way and setting you up the most stupid way.

2. Extra toothbrush the next morning after the girl spontaneously decided to spend the night at you. Hell knows, why can’t you buy a dozen and throw somewhere in a drawer, once and for all to solve this problem?

3. Five minutes after the alarm. These fateful five minutes. They solve all. Give me five more minutes and I will move the Earth from its place even without a foothold! But no. They are always there.

4. The charger for the phone. Don’t even try to call me after half past three, if I’m not at work. Most likely, the cell was successfully discharged and right now I am in active search.

5. The energy to get off the couch and go to the gym. Because the ass like cushion that no one can unstick them.

6. The handkerchief when you discover that the nose is completely and irrevocably fell apart. I had to listen to mom and learn how to wear a ridiculous scarf. Although I never liked these

stupid cell of the Soviet type, pocket bristling, gross! Although paper handkerchiefs with myself usually either.

7. A free place at the food court. You’ve done so well, scored his of taters, sandwiches, coffee, and all the seats are occupied. Every one of them. Roam you, poor, miserable, with a tray in her hands, looking plaintively at a fairly devouring my lunch people. And they are ashamed, they look away. Shitty situation.

8. Scathing reply, when you have a snapper. Yes, those magic words will come to you in the head for five minutes or ten later, when the situation will cease to be relevant, and the person you may never meet. All gone when you could show off your wit and sense of humor. Some other time.

9. Condoms.

10. The last ingredient in the dish that you cooked-was cooking-cooked and still screwed up. Why? Because it is not listened to our invaluable advice.

11. Outlet catering to resuscitate the laptop-please, do at least one small bad outlet.

12. The name of the movie or song, and then the name of the celebrity that you are dealing with dudes that are just like you, forgot them. And you say long enough to remember each other by various details of the plot, list of actors, but the name does not come to mind. A strange case of collective amnesia.

13. The friend of a very boring birthday party or wedding when you have no one, but in this case it would be very useful.

14. Hour pharmacy in case of emergency need. How many times have I couldn’t sleep at night because I did not have analgesic or antipyretic! And it happens not only with me, although it would seem, pharmacies on every corner.

15. Illustrative example to support his opinion. No examples of the story turns out scanty, and with them sparkles how to properly cut diamond.

16. The book itself in the library which you need for the synopsis for tomorrow, but it is necessary throughout the course, therefore, break off here and don’t leave everything to the last day.

17. SMS-ka with an apology from the former, which porasskazat about you shit all in a row.

18. The courage to say «I love you» or «sorry» or «Vasily, you zadolbali, I your work on the buoy spit».

19. What you came into the store. Were you sent here for a meal, because the friend she needed. You walked around the store three times, you looked at every shelf, and of flour there. Even chocolate pudding, even the hot mug, even Pokie kusari — it’s all there, but the flour was gone.

20. Thing you let go just now. You sat at the computer with a pencil in hand, because there is something scribbled (I always liked to write in such cases, the pencil is easy to erase). The doorbell rang, you went to open the door, came back — WHERE’s MY PENCIL?! As if disappeared from the face of the earth, and then you still will find it on the nightstand next to the door.

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