Things that are fading

Unfortunately or fortunately, some things are irretrievably gone in the past. What to do about it, not really clear, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Time is a peculiar thing. Today we decided ponostalgirovat and remember about all those things that are leaving or already gone. Of course, there really are a lot, so I insist you all wrote in comments that will remember.

1. Smoking section in restaurants, cafes and bars


In some places they still are, but still they are gradually removed away from the eyes. Section reduced in size, and some bro sure they will soon disappear. I’m actually from the fact that they removed, feel a double sense. On the one hand, if I still smoked, I would have been much sadder about this. On the other hand, I still do not understand the feelings of those smokers who are literally forced to quit, which is really not cool. The people themselves must come to desire to quit. So they will still be Smoking in the toilet on the street in front of the cafe and other places. A section at the time where it is gradually fading, slowly and surely.

2. Aging gracefully

With old age leaves the youth, and appear experience and… wrinkles. Some people still refer to things as the norm. Just skin worn out, and that’s it! But indiscriminate the majority of women even at the age of 30 begin to inject Botox and other things that turn them face collagen mask. It is impossible to say whether this is good or bad, but the coming availability of Botox and obscenity wrinkles near the eyes and lips makes women to inject this stuff under the skin, smoothing out wrinkles. I recently read in learn one young lady 35 years a huge ode to Botox. It’s a little scary. Personally I have nothing against small wrinkles, I am opposed to inanimate entities, but if women like it, let them clean it up. I think in the next 30 years will come up with some kind of garbage due to which a woman will be impossible to determine the age at all.

3. Rent DVD and VHS


Some say that somewhere else they are. But I personally have not seen them for 10 years. It was a pleasant time. I was taken with his father cassette of Indiana Jones, where Indy is was some stupid Comedy. It was possible to exchange disks, cartridges and other things. It was a fun wonderful time, but unfortunately, modern technology totally destroying it. Although this is a good thing. It’s a shame, really, that their owners went bankrupt.

4. It is absolutely unhealthy sweets and drinks

I remember a series of cheap drinks at a price less than 5 rubles. Of course, it was at least 10 years ago, but I remember it! These drinks have dyed my lips and tongue in frightening colors. Yupi and various other powders that could turn hundreds of cubic meters of water to swill for your friends and family and that was worth? like shit. Then various Chinese candy with hieroglyphs and a strange chocolate; jelly beans that almost impossible to chew; souffle candies and toxic colors. Gum, which are impossible to chew and which we purchased for the decals to mold itself to the body. All of this can still be found on store shelves, they say, but personally I have never seen anything like it.

Gone and large portions at McDonald’s. Very large! Yes, and they were not so long ago!

5. Transfer notes in the classroom and pairs

Nobody will forward these notes in the spirit: «I like You» and «Come for the garage after practice or a pussy?!» This is the ICQ, contact and other troubles. Remember how awesome it was to write something using 13 of gel pens your neighbor, draw something by hand and send by mail? Do you remember what the original methods of transfer papers we practiced to keep a lid on things the teacher? Oh, this time is gone because now everyone has phones and tablets. Romance finally died.

6. Pager


With the active proliferation of smartphones and telephones on the planet a little pagers became useless. However, I myself have never used a pager, it was just my brother. This little dead-end technology has gone somehow unnoticed. However, why do I need it, except for jokes, which is all about her kidding? It seems that even drug dealers no longer use them.

7. Tamagotchi


I remember some girls in my class was literally obsessed with this device. However, boys are also not behind. Tamagotchi proved that both sexes are equally good for a long time «look after» the set of pixels. Case when Tamagotchi died or suddenly broke down, could cause a human baby to a heart attack. However, when I raised my second animal, I realized that it is incredibly annoying. It is a selfish creature that requires of me more attention that he wants, so I played games with him, cleaned for him, his pixel shit and fed him on schedule, gave me to understand that dad and I get in the next 20 years — a very bad idea. Amazing stuff, but I still have not met in modern smartphones are more or less identical to the old version of Tamagotchi. All some light and not rigid.

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