Things never change, thank God

As the Chinese say: «God forbid you live in interesting times». Because change is always difficult, always unusual, and not without victims. So we tend to stability. Unfortunately, these days it is possible to find only some things.

Stable tax

The income tax rate from 2001, the year stable and does not change. All-in-only 13%. Compared to the French 45%, in fact, kawasaski us old Obelix, and the Japanese 40%, the figure is pathetic. That’s just another level of life would be appropriate.

Stable up stable YouTube

Russian YouTube stable like a stone colossus in the midst of surging waves and at the same time constantly changing as moral prostitutes. But if we already started talking about stability, we note that Russian YouTube has no equal — plagiarism. Here have 8 years of domestic bloggers and not very skillfully copy the materials of their foreign colleagues. Good or bad? Given that most Russian-speaking audience is not able to listen to the singing Neistat the Case in the original, let them see one of their own, native and clear.

And now, year 4 in the tops of domestic videoblogging roundnose school children, where no gag reflex to not watch: Uzi, Ilangai, the former sobbing girl Ivanka. Despite this situation, with tears I remember the days when the top was slightly see fart humor Maddison. Although from time to time you come across gems like Badcomedian’and, «Time to go» and… what not annoying the majority? The more dross, the reverent we are to good things.

And anyway, we have to say thank you YouTube, because he has for many years been the main and most stable replacement for the already dusty TV.

Stable sucks

Anything that has the prefix «pop» has a negative Association. Consumers, by and large, greedy, and so the respective goods. Was short bright times, when the level of pop increased Army of Lovers Bee Gees, but now is again stable slag. But that’s okay, because the shittier mainstream, the more attention is paid underground.

Stable woman

February 6 will mark 65 years since, as the Queen of England Elizabeth, whom George W. Bush called the eleven, stood at the head of the British throne. It was when it was a mass decolonization and the final waste of the former Imperial power. Reverent grandmother is already 90 years old, and her health fully explained Clarkson and company in the latest release of «Grand Tour» — all because she’s German.

Us Elizabeth is not annoying. Let the right the same number of years, provoking the greedy syrcause to the throne heirs. We have something that is a very kind woman, which is suited to mass stay where you hung out with Paul McCartney, Elton John, Alex Ferguson, at the same time dedicating them to the knights. In the end, England we associate with her good music, ugly upper lip, strange sense of humor and crooked teeth. I agree, the list looks very strange.

Stable countries

Luxembourg, Singapore, Sweden and Norway for that year, are confident the title of the most stable countries in the world. So far, no one was dismissed. Can only be glad for the country that refute the wrong axiom that in the world there is not an ounce of stability. In the world, maybe not, but they have. Now you know where to immigrate.

Stable waiting for the Third world

For 72 years the world lives in fearful anticipation of the Third world. Someone said that it must begin in the past year who, in the Fallout soon enough. And thank God, we wait, we are not in a hurry. Happy to give this honor to their great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren, if they will, of course,.

Stable manufacturers

Nutella, Gordons, Adidas, Red Label, New Balance, Mercedes, Balabanovsky match factory. While these corporations consistently produce close, this planet has hope. After all, we are the victims of habits, and quickly get used to good. To change habits is an ungrateful business. However, not everyone have enough money to get the same «Mercedes», but, fortunately, the Balabanovsky match factory has never failed.

Etalon stability

Somewhere in the overwhelming depths of the universe, impenetrable by the twinkling stars in one very small system, the fifth planet from the Sun, in the heart of long-suffering country, every Friday, under the endless accompaniment of Vladimir Rackevich rotates one reel. «Good evening! Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Friday! In the air of the capital-show «Field of miracles»!», says the gray-haired moustache and in the hall are three that have to rotate a magical drum. Three happy, excited person that symbolize the huge diversity of our country. Where else can you hear at once 9 different dialects? Where else can you see so many characters and mental disorders? Name another place where pensioners and state employees generously their benefit, knowing that there is chance to leave with a set of bed linen, audio player and a food processor, but if you’re lucky, and AVTOMOBILEM.

«Field of dreams» is a pagan ritual. People carry a victim of the grey-haired God of pickles, twist, suits for miners and even the talents of their children, trying to appease the Great.But the game itself is a symbiosis of the ancient Egyptian afterlife court of Osiris and the Christian understanding of righteousness: if you’re whole life worked honestly, have produced a dozen children and receive a pension of 5000, Leonid Abramovich gives you a blender as a souvenir! The rest have to rely on knowledge gathered in the course of life, and patronage of the Fortune. However, everything is so stupid call letters at random, relying on gifts and kids ‘ songs.

All of this continued for the 26th year. Hundreds of fortune hunters pulled the chrome handle of the drum, and we hear the phrase, able to raise the faith of the desperate: «the Prize in the Studio!». And when Yakubovich was the last time I will say: «We bid you farewell for exactly one week. Good luck at least for these short seven days. May God give you…», and the mechanism of the reel will freeze in the eternal silence, the pulse of life on this planet will end. It’s not the planet moves around the Sun and the whole universe around the drum.

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