Things from my childhood that would make you happier

Soon June 1 – the Day of protection of the flower of life, the larvae, the brats, the shame of the family and all those who do not like your father. The state assures that in every way protects them, arranging concerts in the parks, handing out free ice cream. But you it won’t protect you, you’re too old for him. And all you are left with is nostalgia for the carefree days of childhood. Sometimes I sit and think: «back to now all ago,» but you need to quit your job and sit on the neck of parents. It seems that they were such a term will have no taste. That is to sit down, turn Edita Peha and think about how cool it was to transfer some things from my childhood to the present.



During the year you studied from start to finish. We endured it all: bullying classmates, gym teachers first lesson, then to 3 months of carefree rest. The younger, the carefree they were. All that we have to settle for now – inferior 28 days, half of which goes only to the decision of problems which, owing to various circumstances it was impossible to solve at another time, for the work.

Some people manage during these 28 days to manage to go abroad, once abroad, rafting and have a good sleep, but what good will that do if any student is resting 3 months. And not the fact that he would be sent to grandma. Who would now gave 3 months… There would be time to finish the book, to realize their projects. Maybe you would be able to sleep or lie on the sofa… But it does not, your kids have a holiday, too. The child will wait until you get out of the house, and you wait, when the house fell child. And the whole vacation in mutual anticipation. But winning will still be the «flower of life» because they have 3 months.

Computer binge

Now would be a spit in the face of obligations, to hold it together and play computer hours to 3 or even 4 nights. So, selflessly, boldly, twitching at every sound and fearing that the nurse enter the room, shouting: «Go to sleep! Fourth hour! Then before lunch you sleep!»

It was a wonderful time: you, computer Desk, monitor, keyboard and no one else, only the virtual world and incomprehensible phrases like Orc «Lok-tar Ogar». It is unclear how they are translated: not «Orthodoxy or death», not «victory or death».

And what’s the difference, it was a sacred computer binge, and spend 12 hours a day in the third «Heroes» was the norm.

Day there came a friend with whom you played one game, excitedly panting: «all right, my turn.» And in the evening we had to go to another friend to take the disks with new games. Age available without fast Internet, no downloads, only tables littered with disks. And the more, the higher rose the authority. So it was much more interesting, damn it!



All you could require is to wash the floors and do homework. Now we need to pay the bills, to fight the housing office, solving the problem of renovation of the roof, to go to the Bank to stop at work to pick up documents, then to take them to the wizard who will give you a new quest, come home, fix the door and come up with excuse why you are not going to Maikop to her parents this weekend. Obligations…

Knowledge of the world

The whole life is one continuous process of understanding the world. But when something more interesting or something: first job, first serious hike, first beer, first kiss, You surprised to discover new places in your city. People are otherwise not looking like a little boy, and as equals. Even yesterday a student, sitting in the «window number 5», I refer to «You».

Now this feeling is not enough. No praise for the fit conscious self-reliance when you personally went and in the summer got a part time job. Now for the praise, now all require you to go in there and preferably have gone on it from 9 until 12 at night. And somehow no one wonders why you’re sitting in the office. The guards are not suitable and do not ask: «Boy, you’re mom here? No? Then get out of here,» and the saleswoman freely breaks the bottle of vodka. Where’s that piercing that penetrates the soul of view, followed by the question: «are There documents?»? Old age, brother. The neighbors will run to tell your mom that you smoke, they’re shooting you have cigarettes to share the details of your repair.


Pora was.kom.ua_31.05.2016_ViXUPETAALMVj

Balcony, cigarette, Cup of coffee, of the columns are grace notes of the new album «Tame Impala», but they do not cause a violation of the musical as before. Music is cyclical, all musicians use the same notes in different sequences, and to surprise you every year more and more difficult. Where are the days when every song Pink Floyd sounded like the opening, when the children in the courtyards remembered who Chris Rea, and the cries of the shamanic Jim Morrison looked a revelation of supernatural forces? Go, what to see, with grief to hear of GG Allin? Here it is, the main problem of life – an innate cynicism and inability to be surprised. Still no metal album will not be better than the early «Slayer». Whether there were actually groups able to get me to buy the license album?

What about the movie? Too many superheroes. Before the release of the next part of «the Matrix» or «spider-Man» was an event in my life, going to the movies is a ritual, and now we have to choose between «People», «Captain America» and «Warcraft».

Childhood backyard

Continuing to smoke on the balcony, glanced at the yard, from which we can hear muffled cries. This ten year old boy screaming and laughter avoids clumps of dirt that are thrown into it girls. And what happened in your childhood? Besides the computer, of course. Magnesium firecrackers, spirastrella, dymovuhu, yards were drenched with the acrid smell of sulfur from the constantly exploding firecrackers, which at that time sold in public. And football in the yard from morning to evening.

Now and have no one to play, I rejoice when the ball flies over the fence of the football box, because there is a chance to push him back to the boys.

It was a glorious time: used to build bows, swords that broke through a couple of hours. You need to be sure to break something, otherwise the day is ruined. Noble Junior vandalism, justified insatiable thirst for knowledge. Tear unripe apricots and cherries in a neighbor’s plot, justified by the harvest, and irrepressible energy, justified by the lack of worries.

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