Things for a real music lover

For a simple layman’s life without your favorite music is quite complex. And for music lover it turns into a living hell. But that’s not the only problem: the aesthetic sensitive hearing can’t stand bad sound, it needs quality equipment. So look at the attributes which will be happy a real music fan.


Recent years have seen a Renaissance of vinyl, and, as they say old lovers plastic, «vinyl it’s an honest sound.» Warm, tube-like, enveloping, oily, airy and comfortable – these are the epithets bestowed analogue media. There is no treatment, only canned music with crazy nerves and other nuances. This cosy and gnashing, and the aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation, as the needle caresses the grooves of the disc! Is vinyl something from the music we lost. Vinyl is the clear choice for guys who appreciate the powerful Hi-End sound, the choice of those who appreciate music a little more than a multitude of people, the choice of those who understand.

The only, very difficult to find a place where there will be high-quality, fresh, made with love plate with a good deep record, not by noise-like a barely audible squeak from the pig farm. To do this, go to the store «Ringing», where you will find quality product that is recorded on the powerful galaxy studios and, best of all, perfect for music-of-pocket price. It’s not just a store, a service that provides shipping labels and publishers around the world. On the website is a direct display of depots in different parts of the world. And the system pass, through which the website supports your work, allows you to show customers the cost of plates and other products without charge directly from the publisher, record label or independent artist.

From myself I can advise vinyl Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, John Coltrane. But you, of course, your choice.

Onkyo CP-1050(D) Black

If you have vinyl, then it needs suitable player, or even Vice versa. And it needs to be so suitable to your relatives, asking the question: «Why did you buy such an expensive toy?», – fell under the spell of vinyl and never bothered with their stupid conversations. We need such a machine to the era of Internet and digital sound that everyone within a radius of tens of meters, were fascinated with analog sound.

Onkyo CP-1050(D) Black is a beautiful thing, with Phono EQ and moving magnet will give you to understand that paid him 49000 is not a whim but a sensible step. And every 35-45 rpm, which makes the drive on this unit, will give you real joy and delight.

Wireless Hi-Fi acoustics

In our world, everywhere, the less wires, the better. All that you can transfer and move, is a delight for everyone. Audiophiles, for example, needs to please compact Hi-Fi system Denon HEOS 1. Still, the speaker system is the altar for music lover. It should not only sound great but also be functional. This is one of those, and it was created for people who can’t spend a minute without of thunder rumbling percussion and synth. Column just one, but let it not bother you. Her power is enough to fill a large room with quality sound.

It can be connected to any audio source, WI-Fi and get to work with most Internet services, such as Deezer, SoundCloud and TuneIn.

And even before this item just need to purchase a battery to totally relieve the music and make it portable. To buy everything with a guarantee, you can store gadgets iCover.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

What is a lover without headphones! Will cover the ear, including his «SEPULTURA» and come to the ears of the batter!

These headphones at a price closer to the expensive, but in terms of price and quality are more likely to be the budget. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO looks very rough. Are large and professional curly cable. Monitor type headphones securely block all external noise. With regard to the playback of their sound, then this is also all in order. Wide frequency range allows you to enjoy bass and treble. The sensitivity as high as 96 dB.

The headphones weigh quite a lot – 250 But that does not mean that wearing them for a long time is not desirable. On the contrary, velour ear cushions soft as the Breasts of a young courtesan, and they just do not want to leave. Included with the headphones comes a special adapter 3.5 mm on 6.3 mm jack.

Of course, 11,000 rubles for headphones is a lot, but for yourself. And the product quality.

Fiio X1

So, you have quality headphones, you’re a real music lover, but after all expenses you’re not ready to shell out big amount for a portable player? Then Fiio X1 is for you. It is compact, sturdy, made in an aluminum casing, with a small screen, with good sound and support for all lossless formats device.

To use the player well due to the mechanical control wheel, and signed the four buttons on the front panel. A two-inch TFT display complements the functionality and information content. Fiio X1 sounds good: clear bass, MIDs, high resolution, and high do not strain and do not tire, the result is neutral and musical sound. Available optional settings for the equalizer and balance settings. Affordable price and positive characteristics allowed the Fiio X1 to become the most popular device among music lovers.

Alpine IVE-W585BT

Motorists and passengers will agree that during the road music boredom and sets the drive with the mood. And for this you need a good audio system radio in the first place. Stereos a lot now, and find among them the very unique easy. Want to sound like angels singing, and cost adequately. For these purposes it is possible to pay attention to Alpine IVE-W585BT. First, it is an Alpine branded «albinowski» sound is guaranteed. Works great even with the standard speakers, giving just a stunning sound, which is prayed at the time Alan parson. And imagine what would happen if you replace the speakers. Play with the settings and you will know how to bring the machine to perfection.

Second, high functionality and friendly interface. Radio catches great condition (three settings).

In short, the device is so cool that will give your car sound a whole range of emotions, from melancholy to mad McConaughey ACE Ventura.

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