Thieves want to make the money from the building of the St. Petersburg physics Department, and made chocolate


Yeah, man, sometimes bad luck makes the most amazing shapes, like in this case.

About three o’clock in the building of the physical faculty of St. Petersburg state University entered the unknown. The criminals broke into the house through the window, there were four, and they were dressed in medical masks and dark clothing.

The thieves tied up the guard and tried to hack a couple of ATMs of Sberbank and Gazprombank. Turned out they are not very well worked system of protection, and the money was covered with paint. Dude, is that really so? Strange security system. Burglars attempted to crack and other ATMs, they got it or not, is unknown. But what is certain is the fact that the thieves apparently greatly disappointed in his business, earnestly decided to break a few vending machines, soda and various other nishtyak. The attackers collected the chocolate bars were.

Now they are looking for, and the exact amount of the damage is unknown. We honestly believe that this whole insane operation was made exclusively in order to steal chocolates, money is just a cover.

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