They will kill you more likely than a terrorist

The world is full of dangers, but many of them are not as scary as one might think. Classic example: if a carpet shark, so that everyone is afraid of, in an average year kills 5 to 15 people, then cruel and dreadful monsters-cows kill 20 soul. Cow terrorism almost as much as the terrorism of man. But even in our troubled times, when everything explodes, the probability of dying from the clutches of the evil radical are 1 in 9.3 million, There are things and is worse, and all of them in this list. Much more likely you’ll be swept away by the water flow than the tear bomb. Think about it, because our genetic max all-in-all 125 years.

1 Fireworks


Whenever the sky on New Year or any other celebration with fireworks shining, somewhere is sad one pathologist. Because it feels poor that the job will increase. Still, about 10,000 people a year receive injuries after fireworks. But mortality is not so high — your chances of dying from such an accident are 1 in 615000.

2 Asteroid something in the media lately with frequent publications of sentimental stories about the imminent clash of the great cosmic blocks called Earth with an asteroid.

As a rule, in the end it turns out that the asteroid exactly on the Earth is not going to, he has other plans in the system, so he’s just a peace-loving race on a distance of millions of miles. So even if the plans of the cosmic body will appear a fad «destroy the planet», nobody would care.

First, if you don’t save, God will save Bruce Willis. Secondly, all already were tired to wait for this explosive in every sense of the spectacle. Third, die die — the probability of death is 1 to 500000 allows you to think about this a little more often than never.

3 dog Attack Cynophobia is not fear of a bad Russian movie, as you might think, and fear of dogs. From 1.5 to 3% of the world’s population is afraid of man’s best friend. Phobias are by definition irrational and often unfounded fears: the chances of ending up in the jaws of the dog-killer is just 1 to 148000. And for some reason nobody thinks death from a cat attack, even after the release of the literary vyser «Cats-warriors».

4 Earthquake , the Chances of dying in an earthquake is about 1 to 132000. But if you take solely a seismically active part of the planet like the Kamchatka Peninsula or the Philippines, it is a sad probability increases dramatically. Even with warning systems and monitoring of the situation, she is still negligible.

5 Poisonous bites And it’s not only about snakes, vampires, spiders and other reptiles. Don’t forget about bees, wasps and bumblebees, which are not as bad as the langoliers or football fans, but thanks to its precision and allergic reactions that zakusat to the white Slippers. Still, the probability is only 1 to 100000.

6 lightning


Stay away from open fields and avoid tall trees during a thunderstorm: 250,000 people per year are struck by lightning, and 24000 die each year from her blow. Your individual odds of only 1 to 84000.

7 Floods Given global climate change and rising sea levels, floods are becoming more common. Do not have to live by the sea: remember Krymsk and Khabarovsk, which have been lost to rivers. The probability that you will kill the big water — 1 to 30000.

8 Crash

Oddly enough, but flying is much safer than sitting behind the wheel of a car. Especially if the rights are bought, and flying turns at most twice a year. Your chances of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 20000. 9 Drowning every year many thousands of people that drown while swimming. So it is not necessary to wait for the flood to become a victim of the third most common cause of death in the world. Remember: bathing in a drunken state and in doubtful waters in the complete inability to swim leads to a nomination for the Darwin Award. The probability to make the company Mumu — 1 to 8900.

10 Accident on a bike Wear a helmet, because every year 1 out of 4,700 people dying while Cycling. It seems to be a simple transport, but not everything here depends on you. A motorist can easily insert a giant stick in your wheels. Or during a leisurely drive you will fall down the plane, it can be.

11 Alcohol each Year worldwide, 3 million people become victims of alcohol. Got behind the wheel drunk, drove into a wall, fought with a neighbor over fanfourt something stabbed you with a knife, fell asleep drunk with a lit cigarette — burned the house with him, woke up with a hangover — fell out of the window, was uzhraty he tripped and smashed his head on the asphalt. And even cirrhosis, heart attack and other joys.

The most offensive that these 3 million 500 thousand in Russia. According to these data each year to the death revels from 18 to 31 per 100,000! The chances of dying this unenviable death is 1 in 3000.

12 Fire where There is smoke there is always fire, and most often it is stuffy and not burning alive or high temperature, kills the person. And the killing of both victims and firefighters. Therefore, your chances to die in a fire are 1 in 1100.

13 Firearms In countries where there are strict laws on the carrying of firearms, your chances look pretty good. But not in Russia, where every week is another punk-violent criminal with an unregistered gun or a drunk, who killed a neighbor with a hunting rifle. If we add to this country where carrying firearms is allowed, and where without a gun can not survive, the chances of «catch the olive tree» becomes 1 to 325.

14 Serious bodily


Why do People love to kill each other. And not necessarily with firearms. If you have a strong hand and a bat, knife or any other accident, can easily cause serious injury, incompatible with life. In Russia die each year 17,000 people, and the world figure is many times more. So help yourself, but don’t let the excess of admissible level of self — figure without you high: 1 to 300.

15 Fall the older you get, the higher your chances of such a death. Injuries received when falling, greatly increases the statistics of mortality among the elderly. And skate, parkour, and careless walking on the roof down the statistics among young people. In the end — 1 to 250.

16 Suicide

Although some people walk on the roof deliberately careless. Or the example of the careless singer of Joy Division hang underwear on the clothesline under preparkovanie album by Iggy Pop. On their own are dying millions of people around the world. While you’re reading this, another disillusioned degenerate threw herself under a train. If you’re depressed, it is better to talk to someone. Do not raise your stats, the probability is equal to 1 to 120. 17 accident Forget about the crash — cars are much more dangerous than their winged counterparts. Annually in road accidents worldwide, killed 1.3 million people. Not to increase statistics, always went with the expectation of the fool is a little bit, but it will help. And while probability is 1 to 100.

18 Stroke While we worry about material things, trying to protect itself from mechanical injury, we are killing the true evil inside the body. Stroke is horrible, if you are not able to kill, paralyze or turn into a vegetable. Unfortunately, your rhythm of life, heredity and health, the probability is 1 to 23.

19 Cancer

Everything is dying and mostly from cancer. Every third foul is a tumor that destroys human for thousands of years.

And while doctors simulate the development of a vaccine against cancer, due to disgusting food and terrible environment, the number of patients is growing exponentially. Lousy tumor their claws ravaging millions of people around the world, increasing the likelihood of a death in the terrible 1 to 7.

20 heart Disease But don’t worry, almost certainly you will not die from cancer, you have all chances to become a victim of heart disease. Not mental anguish, and the usual heart attacks and other unpleasant stuff. One in five people worldwide become victims of cardiac problems.

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