They are killing our heroes

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2016_cBa6zHDOE8fd4From this list some fans of the comics will be a nuclear explosion in the backyard, but then we can’t be silent. The last straw was the distortion, which they did with Captain America. Let us not like the character (DC universe, we looked more), but the absurdity of it and Marvel remains absurd. Actually, if you look at the trend in popular culture, you begin to feel like an idiot, which, without any concealment thrown a pile of ideological garbage. And if we before it did not confuse, because the authors were the flesh and blood readers, and therefore the idea was understandable, but today it’s the opposite. In General, after these turns, I want to lock myself in a closet and read only things that releases Avatar Press, where there is just good old violence.

Ohotnichiy Ghostbusters

Not looked, but will osuzhdennym with the release of a new «Ghostbusters,» which split society into two camps. At least, we are convinced that the audience was divided into two camps. In fact, everything is different. Just look at the rating of the film from ordinary viewers who have watched this shit to understand that the camp is divided into spectators and losers-the filmmakers who made a mistake. And these offended people are trying to convince us that the movie is good, just all who watched. This song was picked up by domestic sites that sit on the suckling of the distributors, because the fee to fulfill your need. Money on «rethinking hunters» spent a ton (144 million dollars), and to discourage them does not work — in the United States nearly 50 million scraped together. That and trying to save a disgusting parody from the complete failure of his conclusions about the corruption of the viewer.

Why not just admit that the new film is not worthy to stand on the same shelf with the classical picture? No, it’s not kaboom! In a film full of great characters, I would even say that now bright women even more than men, but not in this case. I really don’t understand what sexism can be discussed when the trailer became the world champion in collecting dislikes allowed on YouTube? Even the treatment of the Taliban and annoys fewer people than this film. And because the creators did not expect such a reaction. Perhaps it will serve as a lesson for future generations — contrary to the film’s «progressive» approach not to improve. Did not attach a trailer, you better listen to the original soundtrack.

Captain America

Hail Hydra! In General, we were not amused and here’s why. Captain America first represented the eternal American values that even the most rabid Russian patriot will be thrilled. That is: family, honor, service to country and freedom from tyranny. Cap is one of the most popular heroes of American comics. If to speak about his ideology, he’s the closest to conservative and liberalist mindset — a typical young voter of the Republican party. If you analyze the plot of «Confrontation», then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

The story, according to which Steve always was an agent of Hydra, it’s like the story of Batman, where eight-year-old Bruce hires Joe chill to kill his parents

Alex Knape, Forbes Editor –in General, flushing for such values it is now not fashionable, and indeed the captain of a wrong, does not want state intervention in private life, but because we do it notorious Nazi thought in the depths of Marvel and really made it so.

Blame writer Nick Spencer, who decided to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the main American hero of narcotic intoxication. The absurdity of the situation adds the fact that the character of Captain America was originally written by a Jew who wanted to create a strong symbol of the enemy of Nazism. I think Jack Kirby is rolling in his grave at the speed of light.

Iron aroundin think that Marvel will stop on «fascist America»? Naive you’re the guy, because even Tony stark, who is aging every year and it just did need to be replaced with fresh blood. Will do so in the finale of the comic book «Civil war II». And, of course, on its place will come the black girl of 15 years named Riri Williams. Multiculturalism, what do you want? Don’t classify us fans, now fascist captain America. It is not that in the pages of the comic black girl. If she was your character, then it would be fine — we would he even like it if the writers did a good job. The fact that these innovations are parasitic on our favorite characters. Want minorities in comics? Please! We only! But, hell, come up with their new characters and not replace them old. What are you doing with us, your mother!

I feel that a new character will be a drag on the story every two pages so to speak.

the comment of one American guy to the news –Perhaps the comic book industry can boast of plausibility, but if I can still believe in the genius of Tony stark, the brilliant black girl of 15 years is difficult to believe. Age, you know, not to be a technical genius. Maybe you and Thor will make a woman to be progressive and in the spirit of the time? Oh, wait, Marvel’s already done it, Thor is now a woman. Brilliant. What substances take the creators of the comics? Add a little bit.

Gangsta Roland

Okay, let’s digress from these comics — there’s pandemonium, we’re not even half told. But it’s not just Marvel or do you think that no more problems? Take, for example, the long-awaited film adaptation of «the Dark tower», which is awaited by all fans of the king for decades. If you do not know, then the universe of «the Dark tower» is based on eight novels were written by Stephen king at different times. The author often makes references to the work in his other books. In fact, all this stuff is an alloy of fiction, horror, westerns and fantasy. Definitely must read if you love a good Mish-mash of genres.

So, the protagonist of the whole cycle was a «shooter», whose name is Roland diskan. When king prescribed the image of the hero, he was inspired by Clint Eastwood, or rather his cowboy character from «fistful of dollars». If you read these books, it immediately understand. Now they say that king never gave a physical description of your character in detail, more described his personal qualities, but, anyway, he just said that Roland looks like Clint. That is, it is, at least, a white guy.

Of course, modern filmmakers can’t be limited to a simple white guy on the main cast, so they trusted to carry the burden of Idris Elba — a black actor, whom we cannot accuse of mediocre, but who do not identify with the character of the source. Why do it? To improve cash collections? Because this strategy does not work — look how the «hunters» got into the financial mess.On the other hand, Idris Elba, at the very least, a good actor. Let’s hope he will succeed to embody the image of the arrow and to appeal to fans of Stephen king, but he will have a good try.

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