These yellow shoes history Timberland originates from the depths of past centuries, but this American brand is renowned for the high quality of their product and loyal consumers in almost every corner of the globe.

And may you not see narrow-assed models running around the runway in stylish yellow shoes during fashion week, but nonetheless, these shoes flaunt in the British Museum of design and they do not scruple to sell one of the most expensive shops in the world, Selfridges (London).

«Yellow boots»… many people in our country immediately comes to mind is song Zhanna Aguzarova, but to answer the associative question about «Yellow boots», 90% of Americans will begin to talk about the brand Timberland, which is a global manufacturer known not only shoes but also clothes, watches and even swimming trunks.

The author and Creator of the brand, Nathan Schwartz, was a native of Odessa and grew up in a very poor family. When the First world war, they gathered their modest belongings, went to the United States in search of a better life, stability and wealth, but «promised land» might suggest a Jewish family is only the endless struggle for a piece of bread.


It so happened that the family business was Shoe Shvartzov skill, and young Nathan was nothing left but to go to work as a shoemaker, so as not to break tradition. In 1918, Nathan became an apprentice in a tiny Shoe shop and started to do what were supposed to do: to cut the leather, cut soles and stitching shoes.

For 34 years he’s worked hard, bought before 50 years of accumulated hard work money promotions no perceptible Shoe factory in the town of Abington, Massachusetts. Three years later he bought it whole and together with his sons ten years makes the shoes without any aspirations and ambitions to make a fortune or to become famous for centuries.

«If a man once bought Timberland shoes, he will wear it all the time. He will feel its energy. Our consumer is a free man, full of energy, feeling like myself again.»Almost ten years, the factory produced shoes for leading private brands, and perhaps nothing remarkable about this story is not over, if not great insight, backed by undoubted talent: in 1965, Nathan and his sons invented and implemented the revolutionary technology of seamless connectivity rubber sole with a leather top of the Shoe (using a special press) that made it waterproof. And already in 1973 appeared the first «guaranteed waterproof» leather yellow shoes under the brand Timberland. Why did you choose yellow? There are two versions, each of which with equal zeal claims to be the truth.

The plant, which acquired Schwartz, producing specialized shoes for loggers, and bright yellow were used as the prevention: often in the twilight of the workers threw each other feet logs. Plus the brand symbol is American oak, and the name is not that other, as a combination of two words — timber( wood) and land (earth).


The second version is very different from the first. According to the head of the company, Jeffrey Swartz (the grandson of Nathan) when he made the first pair of shoes, everyone was so concerned about her quality and work process: how to make shoes one hundred percent waterproof; the best way to treat the skin and which thread to use; how to choose a seam and laces. But no one to discuss the upcoming color is completely immersed in the solution of related problems. And to the question, why did you choose yellow, Nathan replied something from the series: «it happened by itself».

«Based on what advertising strategy of many brands? «I want to be like Michael Jordan? Buy Nike!» In such advertising is the spirit of sports aggression. Timberland is not intended to win someone.»But in any case, we love and learn these amazing shoes exclusively in this color range, with the obvious disadvantage of a light shade well thought over the marketing has turned on the feature and a definite plus. A demonstration of how easy to clean the dirt from the surface of the Shoe, admired by millions of buyers. Such filings have developed a cunning Italian, who played a key role in the fate of the dynasty Shvartzov.

He appeared on the threshold of the house of Nathan like thunder from a clear sky and have bought all the shoes that were available at the factory. And this is 900 pairs. A year later he came back and said that in Europe, the shoes is a huge success and he wants to buy more.

In Italy he conducted an advertising campaign in which Timberland shoes were subjected to various tests in extreme weather conditions. However, after them the shoes are clean and dry hanging on a clothesline; slogan: «If you love Timberland, treat them as bad as possible». Thus, the brand gained popularity in Italy, there began to open shops selling shoes Timberland, yellow boots and began the journey around the world. By 1980, outside the U.S. there were nearly hundreds of stores, and except for the yellow shoes, there were other technological and model development.

«For me, business is deeply personal. Because Timberland is our family business. My father at the factory could work on any hardware. Even when he had free time, he fumbled in the hands of a piece of skin, thinking how to make its quality better. So we can safely say that our case enclosed shower.Designers tell us that white-collar workers are willing to spend three hundred bucks for one pair, to the weekend to look no less stylish and respectable, and those who have become a real fan of this brand, I propose to apply the name of the owner on shoes and free replacement of worn-out sole. The first menswear collection, Timberland released in 1988 and it is also designed for active holidays or sports. The combination of innovative technology and high quality continued the tradition, which is famous for the yellow shoes.


The history of the brand Timberland is another proof of how perseverance, talent and belief in their ideals can lead each of us to success and fulfillment your most cherished desires. For several decades the company grew from a nondescript factory in the world standard, which promotes an active attitude and a certain style, offering the customer quality based on advanced technologies. Now Timberland as large fashion brands, several lines of clothing and shoes, own design Bureau, their catalogs and specialty stores.

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