These things will interrupt even the most beautiful sex

Girls all hard. A textbook situation when she saw on your back a huge nasty boil that is ready to break this nasty white stuff, and no longer you want, not fiction! Girls are really such pussies that anything could distract from the execution of this pleasant routine. But we thought it over and gathered a list of all the things that can distract you from the wonderful sex. If you do not agree with this spiccato, welcome to comments.

1. It concerns teeth your penis

During a Blowjob all goes well, you soar above the heavens, you are surrounded by unicorns, and the Bob Marley is singing to you personally and shaking the dreadlocks. But it ends every time her teeth touch your Johnson. But the worst that can happen is when she’s biting it at the base. Brrrr!

2. She pulls your testicles

Porn often play yaykami sure these Chinese balls for relaxation. In real life it often distracts from the process. And if they also to pull. I can’t stand when they are trying to literally swallow. Woman, why do this? Although I admit that some people like that.

3. She sticks his fingers in the wrong places

At the wrong place, I mean ass. I understand that some even like it (a perversion-a perversion!), but when someone does it to you unexpectedly, this is, frankly, demoralizing. There is another wrong place the hole of the penis. Who the fuck ever took a swab, knows why it’s frustrating.

4. She licks it like a Lollipop

Often this does not carry any meaning that might be nice, but when you had accumulated a puddle of saliva, and your Johnson is fully wet, you lose excitement and just watching it as an adult portrays a porn actress and literally eat your penis. Girls, this is not the case! I admit that it might be nice, but it distracts!

5. She continues to suck when you have hypersensitivity

At first, everything goes according to plan, she opened you, you on top of the world. But then you realize that the head of your penis much nterta and annoying you more excited. You lose the excitement, trying to explain to her that will be enough to touch the head, it’s time to go to work with your hands or sex, but she can’t hear you. As a result, it turns into a nasty race.

6. She stops in the process when all is going well

Imagine that everything goes perfectly. She is doing what makes you literally ascend to the heavens. You’re moaning, say something like, «Go on, let’s go!» and she quite suddenly and unexpectedly stops you, looks at you, says something like: «You like?» and continues to do something else. This is an absolute, total disappointment, which can only be compared with those when you put on the pedestal on top of the world, and then dropped down, giving a pretty kick in the ass.

7. She pinches your nipples excessively

Nipples is not a toy. Of course, some women like it when they nibble, twist, or pinch, but when it is done excessively, it’s only like the masochist and their painful perception of reality. If you’re not a masochist, then you should not like it. Again, imagine that everything is going well, sex, kissing, passion and all things. And then that person Capet your nipples with your hands and grips them painfully. This is equivalent to what you poured a bucket of cold water.

8. Says a lot of strange dirty thing

Of course, when a woman screams in a fit of passion «I am your dirty bitch, that’s cool.» But if she’s saying some bullshit like, «Nakakat on my blue hat» (I have nothing worse not invented) and is still a huge stream of obscenities, is not alone. Just remember this girl, possessed by demons from the movie «the exorcist».


9. Sex with her threat

It’s one thing when the girl is too shy, and at the mention of the word «Blowjob» is red as a beet. Another thing, when she’s hyperactive. When she tries to shove up your ass some object when she jumps on you, what do you think your penis will break. When she tries to whip you with a whip and in a fit of passion beats hands on face. Where they come from, man!!!??

10. She was strongly against new things

There are too «proper» girls. To live with them, perhaps, only the same «right» man. Or the guys who have enough patience to change such stubborn. But it is almost useless. These girls may agree to a maximum of Blowjob, so, and then do it like a Martyr. I want to offer her anal sex? She will be staring at you eyes, begin to call a pervert and will arrange a lecture in the spirit of «Why anal sex can lead to anal polyps?». Want to role-play sexual orientation? She’ll give you the brainwashing in the spirit of «you’re sick, you have a problem with identity, you escape from reality, and I want to fuck a different woman!» Worst of all, when you try to do something new during sex. The girl may suddenly break out, call you names, to pack up and quickly leave. This will discourage you the desire for the whole month. But then again it will have to return. If you want to, of course.

11. She farts vagina

The worst thing in the world is a vaginal fart. In South Ragc e once was a series devoted to this phenomenon.


I know a dude that takes it as quite a sweet thing. But, as shown by the series of South Park, it infuriates me. When during the act of passion where the bottom of the hear this unpleasant sound, the degree of passion in the air is markedly reduced. I would say SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. Morale is falling, and the sex ends without a spark.

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