These people will meet you at the gym

The entire audience in the gym can easily be divided into several basic groups. And all because in the gym come, as a rule, with very clear objectives. You will meet there, if you go to the gym long enough. Many of them «nothing wrong».

1. Grunting


Typically, these depict the «typical Jock», typically in a humorous vein. The trouble is that these guys really meet in real life. I guarantee that you’ll hear every repetition. On the weekend I once again faced the group of young guys that were raised rather ubogonko rod. They dragged her from inaccurate technique and squealed so much that I could easily count how many repetitions they do in approach. But among the older generation there are such boars. Why not keep it to himself? And don’t lie, I can’t! That hefty man rod drags in silence, not counting the strange animal sniff, take an example!

2. Professional lifter


This man can often grunt and make strange noises, but one that he would never say he’s too healthy to hell. This man does something that is beyond the comprehension of most normal people. He could get up at 5 am and go to the gym before work, and go to the gym after work. Their life is a small gap between the training, but if they are silent and do not shout, they’re pretty nice people. And all because they know what they need for life. These guys remind of a huge good-natured dogs that do not bark or bite, but very afraid of his appearance.

3. Untrained dude


This dude may be in close proximity with professional lifters. He will ask them questions like, «what protein powder are you drinking?», «Do you use creatine?», «And what group of muscles you exercise today?». They may look funny prepared from the theoretical part (probably Wikipedia) or do not know the basics. In any case, they are incredibly annoying. I once saw this dryscha, hang out next to a girl, a professional lifter. Pretty funny to watch as he tries to push off the chest a blank fretboard, then she stings it with weight equal to the weight of this guy. These people are divided into:

1. Absolutely not prepared

These guys just came to the gym. They will protonemata a week, and then miss four. Most likely, they want to get in shape before the holidays or New year. Pathetic little people. Often they come into the room in some funky clothes of beach shorts, and Slippers-flip flops.

2. Retrained

They seem to me far worse options. This pridurok bought a variety of additives, full equipment and Mat classes. He came to show off. Perhaps training a couple of times will lift a light barbell, or rather, her 15-pound vulture. In the process, he’ll cry and wheeze like a grunt. Retrained quickly realize that swing is not as easy will lose motivation and quickly fell out of the room. Good riddance!

4. Terrible loser

I don’t want to laugh at them, but it’s so much fun! This dude reviewed motivational videos on YouTube and now came into the room, the pigs turn into humans. He’s fat and smelly, and may laugh at him a bit awkward, you’re still laughing. The mountain you want to climb this man, too high. The chance that he will be able to climb it, is extremely small. Although it is. Once one article we wrote to the guy who said that «crossfit is for everyone.» However, he noted that after each workout he is sick, and he constantly vomits. It is obvious that he only hurt himself. There were cases when the fat people who hate themselves, fell with a heart attack in training. This exercise to anything, man, does not, in addition to the loss of motivation.

5. Dude, who always skips legs

Unfortunately, many ducks who have little understanding of the theory, constantly missing legs. Some miss cardio. The reason is that girls are traditionally less likely to look at your feet, but they are more on the strong chest, back and biceps. It should be noted that beautiful legs also have girlfriends, but that’s not the point. You come out unevenly pumped, and the upper part of your body becomes too heavy and painful pressure on the joints.

6. The old man uploaded


This dude is retired, raises terrible weight and looks great, makes you feel just awful. This guy could retire or be in a state of care, but most likely it is the old Soviet athlete who has a huge experience in the field of physical education. I have immense respect for these dudes. At the time, when you push a hundred, it weighs almost two times more. You literally feel like a woman because he desperately cool.

7. Misinterpeting


I hate these people more than anyone in this list. Most of all I hate that they don’t pay attention to the standard bars and weights, instead of machines. The most popular exercises these guys: vertical thrust block and «butterfly» that they perform in different variations with different nozzles». Sometimes they go to talk on the phone, and you weren’t busy, to make the approach vertical thrust. Because of them, this simulator is constantly busy. Then they come back and do about 8 approaches. Their training does not make sense. Often they don’t want to let anyone in the breaks between sets because they like every person in the gym.

8. Sharon chick

Don’t get me wrong, man, I think the girl in the gym only decorates. I love sturdy handles those who are watching them, I love the vertical lines on their bellies and muscular back, but there’s a fine line between beauty and ugliness. If the girl biceps is almost the same as me, and from the breast she presses 100 pounds, I can’t call her attractive because she exaggerates. The pumped up Brazilian ass is fine, but huge quads I was always frightened and will frighten. As they find their jeans?

9. Warriors weekend


These guys can look very good. Every weekend they hang out in the gym, which make up the result of their sedentary work. «Warriors weekend» stay active, and it happens that they appear in the room pretty early in the morning and spend there several hours. Often they come in the company of friends or colleagues. Sometimes they are girls. In any case, they are great, even though they don’t look like real ducks.

10. Chick


It is the motivation for some guys to go there. It is the equivalent of a weekend warrior. In fact, she goes to the gym just to freshen up before the holidays and beach season. She focuses on the abdominals, arms, buttocks and thighs. It is summer in little shorts, and in winter in the yoga pants. She is constantly studying himself in the mirror, considering the result of their work. These girls, in fact, selflessly serve the public, increasing motivation for visiting the gym.

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