These emotions and people in your life shouldn’t be

negative emotions

In our life there are a lot of things. We often say to you: «Give up bad company, man!», «Don’t do this, man!», «You do these beautiful things, man!», «Ask yourself the right questions!» And we do the right thing: who else is going to tell you the truth? Here are today’s generous post that you don’t need.

Extra emotions

Simply put, they should be banned. Not to give them passage to your life. That’s five of the worst emotions that come into our editorial heads.

1. Condolences

It’s a bad feeling, because it refers to the past that you cannot change. Perhaps you feel it, because I see the guilt, or just shy of making a fool of myself. Whatever it was, alas, will not bring you anything good. The past is the past, and tears of sorrow, as we know, will not help. Every hour that you spend on tickets, it is time that you could spend on something good.

2. The excitement

It’s like a regret for the future. You can’t control the future, so worry is a waste of time. You can’t focus and you’re wasting energy. Most of the things will be alright if you let go of the situation, and then you deal with them. That’s life, dude! It can’t be always right. And even most of the time everything can be okay. Expect problems, come to terms with the problems and thus the opportunity to gain experience. If you think that there are hundreds of ways not to cope with something, you eventually will achieve a good result? Worry is not only useless, agitation also undermines the confidence and capacity.

3. Indecision

What do you want? Already think about what you want from life and how you plan to achieve it. Indecision and uncertainty — the flip side of laziness. Make the choice and go to your goal!

4. Hatred

I don’t christoe, however, sympathetic to the commandment «Love your enemy». First, hatred is far more unpleasant to yourself than the man you hate. If someone gave you a reason to hate him, I seriously doubt that they do anything like care. Now ask yourself: «How hatred improves my life?» If she somehow does, accomplish your goal in the comments, I really wonder. If the answer is some vague, think about what’s the best way to withdraw from the enemy. Smile at him!

5. Impatience

You’re sitting in traffic, waiting for the doctor, or your girlfriend is late for a date. You are a very patient person but this wait is beyond your strength, and you start to freak out. But why? You yourself spoil your mood, but this changes nothing. Nothing that you do (unless you were going to jump out of the car and run), won’t help you go faster. You know it.

How to get rid of these emotions?

1. Rationalizing. Including logic that clearly let you know why this emotion does not bring you benefit, if not harm.

2. Stop and smile. Whenever you feel this emotion, for one moment, stop. Take a deep breath, smile and think about something pleasant. Try to establish a link between that happiness and the cause of your negative emotions.

3. Get out of yourself! If you still hate someone and no smiles will not help here, go a little further. Poori, beat wall vent. Fight fire with fire — perhaps, peace of mind will cost you the broken chair. Sometimes you have to get out of ourselves in order to find harmony.

Extra people

Talk about people who SAP your energy, spoil your mood, be deprived of self-belief. I decided to finish them, because they are more difficult to remove than from emotion. If after reading you realize that fit the definition of your friend or your girlfriend, I offer my sincere condolences. Well, at least not very I sorry, because forewarned is forearmed. So, the most common types of such people.

1. Negative energy vampires

They’re not doing anything criminal, is not going to hurt you — they just are very negative. You know how important it is to be positive. A bad mood is highly contagious.

Have you ever been near depressed, always dramaticheski or excited people for a long time? How do you feel? It’s depressing and on the physical and on an emotional level, it squeezes you, it spoils the mood. The feeling is not a placebo effect, this is an absolute reality. People, we are talking about, really suck the life out of you.

No matter how you positive people, your positive potential will be severely limited if you’re going to be around forever unhappy people. Simple as ABC.

2. People who instill in you once habits

There are such people: when you spend time with them, you persistently haunted by the feeling that you’re just wasting your precious minutes. It’s easy to go on about them: if you lower the bar all the people seem smart and beautiful, but whether such a choice? You’ll be a lot hang out with them — you’ll enter into the habit of being lazy.

3. People who don’t believe in you

Those who always doubt. They are even the most confident and motivated person make you doubt yourself — consciously or unconsciously. If you have big goals, you need a lot of support. Even if you yourself doubt yourself, loved ones should support you, not Vice versa.

Is it better to try and fail or not try and regret the missed opportunities?

This life. Failures happen, they even help you. The people around you have to maintain your faith in yourself, and not to destroy it.

4. The people who hurt you by word or action

Strange thing, but many people somehow continue to cling to friends that they are being bullied and not respected. It seems that in their nature forces them to take this attitude. Someone even like it (remember those friends who like only assholes). With such tendencies in ourselves we must fight.

I don’t think it is necessary to explain the harm such people. I hope I opened someone’s eyes.

To prepare a silver bullet or something?

Well, not really. Three simple suggestions.

1. Change them. Before you break up this relationship, try to change their behavior. If nothing happens, it is not necessary to doubt: they should not be part of your life. Yes, this is so important.

2. Start step by step. Date them only if they’ll call you in half of the cases say that busy. When you spend time together, to Express disapproval of their behavior, when they begin to take on their own.

3. Go ahead. If this man so much you got, just tell him in the face.

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