There are vacation harsh dudes

The holiday season-poor pass, and we all shared with each other impressions about the rest. Who I just do not boasted, but none that I have not heard that he had been in one of those nine seats. All because, first, it’s hard to get, and secondly, under the force of such leave only the most severe dudes with the biggest balls.

1. The Buford, Wyoming

the Buford

Before this, do not dare to tell town lived two men. Now its population was reduced to one. The fact that this, uh, uh, the town is in the middle of Wyoming, the least populated state of America, makes the prospect of staying there even more terrible. Only bro with strong nerves will be able to spend a holiday alone with the harsh American radecom.

2. Garbage island in the Pacific ocean

garbage island

He hardly moves and is a giant mass of garbage in the Pacific ocean. Is this natural wonder, I wanted to say the work of human hands, of plastic bottles, chemical crap and any other kinds of garbage. Garbage island has an area approximately equal to the area of Burma, which would have chosen to leave the guys with less strong nerves. In my opinion, her eyes look at the fruits of civilization — the act of a true man.

3. Ramri Island, Burma

the island of ramri

Ramri island is in the same Burma that wimps prefer trash Islands, but there is no absolutely no good. It’s just a giant swamp with thousands of crocodiles and malarial mosquitoes. And Scorpions. By the way, this island once was a six-week battle after which thousands of Japanese soldiers survived only 20. Almost all of them were killed by the local fauna. I got excited, citing the example of this country as an alternative to garbage island?

4. Alnwickhill poison garden, England

poisonous garden

It represents just what you think it is: a garden full of plants that can kill you. Some of them are so dangerous that they are kept behind the fence. Not your typical Botanical garden, which pants to enter simply does not dare.

5. Exclusion zone, Ukraine

the exclusion zone

Pripyat is known to all the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union, and the exclusion zone is fenced around the perimeter, where no one lives after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. No one is allowed to go there without permission, but there still remained a couple of hundred people, refused to move. What’s wrong with them? I think you better not to know. However, in the study of this mysterious place there is something attractive and charming. It can be one of the main incidents in the life of any bro.

6. Queimada Grande, Brazil

kamar Grande

Sorry to tell you, but it’s not Paradise island. This island of a thousand snakes. Literally translated, its name means «snake island». There is the highest concentration of snakes per square meter on the planet and still live on the island the most dangerous snakes in the world — the island bothrops, as a result of the bite which comes fulminant tissue necrosis.

7. Saint Helena

Saint Helena

If you want to finish their days there, where Napoleon languished in exile, and he died, then, you need to go to the doctor. Strange desire. Although if you don’t aim to die there, it takes a very adventurous turn. Oh, I almost forgot, there’s no airport. The only way to get there by ship from South Africa. This way takes several months.

8. Izu Islands, Japan

the island of Izu

Is a group of volcanic Islands located South of Honshu. Technically they are part of Tokyo, but the volcanoes are too active, the air smells of sulfur too much, and residents were evacuated from there twice: in 1953 and 2000, because the gas level was too high. In 2005, residents were allowed to return, but now they have to wear gas masks. Leave the mask is an interesting perspective, rough.

9. Mud volcanoes, Azerbaijan


Of course, the mud volcanoes are not as dangerous as their magmatic counterparts, but they still erupt, and it’s not that scenic views. In 2001, the Caspian sea, which even caused a new island due to volcanic activity, and there was hundreds of these guys. In General, they begin to erupt every 20 years, and when they decide to do it, they throw out of the dirt thousands of feet into the sky and produce tons of dirt, which fill the whole neighborhood. Try to get through this.

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