There are more important things the six pack abs


Men’s magazines are filled with examples of physical exercises and workouts designed so you can achieve chiseled physique. Glossy photos on the cover of the magazine demonstrate the desired result of all this work: a nice beefy body, incredibly desirable. But what is the ultimate goal of creating all of these muscles? Some men exercise to promote health, pleasure and generally to be in good shape and appealing to the opposite sex. It is reasonable and, of course, commendable. Every man should want to be strong and healthy. But some men become fixated on the desire to achieve a good physique, such a muscular and brawny. The use of steroid hormones has become a widespread norm not only for athletes but for average men who don’t want to be average, ordinary men. But for what? To attract the attention of women? To get a perfect image of the male body? This goal is just a waste of time. Here are a few factors explaining why:

1. Huge muscles are not as attractive to women as you think

It’s no secret that women are looking at very muscular men only as a sweet dessert, but rarely, if almost never, as the ideal qualities of a real man. The women I have known in my life, much more interested in the individuality of the man, sense of humor, virtue, confidence and ambition than by the presence of six pack. This was confirmed by scientific research.

A few years ago, scientists from the laboratory of Biological psychiatry held computer testing College students in the USA, France and Austria. The men were asked from 10 different layers of fat and 10 different layers of muscle to create the type of physique that, in their opinion, the most attractive to women. The study revealed that the notion of the stronger sex about the ideal male figure is not quite the same with women’s opinion.

The same conclusion came the experts and another after the study. The men were asked to choose their ideal body type. Most men prefer a figure that has 20-30 pounds of muscle more than the body ordinary men. However, when asked women to choose the perfect male physique, most of the ladies preferred the average.

Why should there be such a difference between what women want and what men think they want? As you know, women are now able to perform almost any man’s job, so the men left to look for courage, at least in the inflated body.

2. Don’t fully trust the media

Many men dream about a muscular body that does not allow the media to forget about promoting this image of perfection. In the 1950s, only 3% of advertisements in the press showed naked men. Today this figure has risen to 35 %. While many men believe that they are immune to such images, they unfortunately get a twinge of uncertainty. It is believed that today approximately 45 % of Western men are unhappy, to varying degrees, their own bodies. If we compare this figure with the figure of 25 years ago, the difference is significant: in the last century only 15% of men were not satisfied with their bodies.

The problem is not so much the number of images of the naked body, and the impossible standard of body type, which transmitted these images. Most men no genetic disposition to achieve the perfect body portrayed in the magazines. They are trying, wanting to achieve their dreams, but are often faced with failure that really affects them, creating a strong floor and making him feel insecure. It is simply unacceptable to be in shape, now the person has to want to be like Matthew McConaughey.

Not always things went this way. In brave men of last year, such as Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Cary Grant, was normal, average.

3. Focus on the physique interferes with your life

One evening I ate a great Burger in a restaurant and watched a family who sits at the next table. The whole family had a bite, with the exception of the Pope. This man with huge biceps and a neck like a tree trunk sticking out from a t-shirt, ate two protein bars. He wouldn’t touch a hot or dessert. I felt sorry for this man.

To achieve the perfect body a man has to give up a lot. He is forced to spend many hours a week in the gym, exhausted his body. Men have Pitta only proteins, which are known to be contained in chicken breast and broccoli, and other foods – is almost completely avoided. If he goes to visit, make sure you bring your protein food, that there was not forced to break my diet. But in principle, he generally tries to avoid such gatherings, precisely to avoid the temptation. He rarely allows himself to get somewhere on a trip or on vacation, it’s sure to break his training schedule. It’s only spoil the life of the husband, does not allow him to enjoy every minute of it and themselves.

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