There are jungle cat!


You probably remember the film «the Hangover»? It was a funny episode, when one of the main characters went to the toilet and found a very angry tiger.

A similar story happened with Mrs. jenna Krabi when she after the speech, circus Isis Shrine Circus in Kansas, took her three year old daughter to the toilet. Suspecting nothing, the woman opened the door of the female toilet, just wanted to let go of the child I saw at arm’s length a huge, powerful, and surprised the tiger. It is worth noting that Jenna good! She silently closed the door, took the child by the hand and calmly stomped from sin and hell. And employees of the circus were already running to pick up the kitty from the jungle.

On a three year old daughter faced with a huge animal did not make much of an impression, the child only asked: «do Not forget the kitty to wash my hands?» I think that this trip to the circus Jenna will remember for a long time.

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