Themed alcohol

Not only can beer is famous for its amazing taste, other alcoholic beverages (e.g. vodka) too. Alcohol may well be the case: for fans of TV shows, movies, rock bands, lifestyle and for a lot of things. Specifically for people «in the know» we have made a small selection of alcohol in a limited edition for fans and admirers.

1. The Black Stout Ommegang Game of Thrones Series

marvelous alco1734066357

«Game of thrones» has turned from a good dark fantasy for the most part widely known in Europe and America, after the great series from HBO, where the amount of sex, dismemberment and Gore sometimes exceeds the book amount. Those who watch the TV series «Game of thrones» carefully, accurately assess this black stout, because after the last of the third season to drink is not a sin (seriously, it’s fucking disgusting, even for me, a man who read books Martin)! This stout is a limited edition with fortress 7 degrees and buttery consistency will give you the medieval gloom. It is distinguished by light notes of chocolate and caramel, some, however, think that he has a coffee aftertaste. The reason of such strange variation range of tastes that Ommegang Game Of Thrones Series is prepared with the addition of licorice root, which I truly hate since childhood.

2. Iron Maiden Trooper Ale

marvelous alco0232578448

Don’t know what can be so close to the alcohol in spirit and in number, as classic American heavy metal. Or rock I never, honestly, couldn’t separate them correctly. For me, everything that they do terrible Scandinavian guys metal are metal. And rock is my favourite AC/DC, ZZ Top, Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden. This is in honor of one of the last albums of the band named El, who is fanatical brewers brewed under the guidance of the singer of Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson. This is a typical English ale with a fortress at 4.7, he has a pleasant lemon taste, and it is made from toasted barley. You can only buy in Europe. This also applies to ordering through the Internet. Cost — $ 20 apiece.

3. Star Trek Wine

marvelous alco0471275477

Wine for fans of star Trek, or trekkers, as they call themselves. Of course, fans of this SF universe of many, and they are all the time divided into warring camps: some sweet Picard, to Spock and kirk, and someone — new Spock and kirk’s recent novels. But they both appreciated the idea of creating a thematic wine from a mixture of many wines of the Star Trek Wine. In fact, it is a mixture of the known varieties of wine made in California in some of their local distilleries. Juan Ortiz — like a good artist drew funny labels in retro style. The price of each type of wine different, but focus on the more than $ 25.

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