The Yacht, The Jet Capsule

manygoodtips.com_23.03.2015_lEKZbTn3XcLZnThe Jet Capsule is the love child of illegible watercraft and luxury yachts worth 250 thousand dollars. Well, that’s speaking figuratively, but in fact this tiny yacht was created by Italian designers Pierpaolo Lazzarini and Luke Solly. Vessel with a length of 7.35 meters and a width of 3.5 m is equipped with a panoramic saloon and a Yanmar engine with a capacity of 325 HP, which allows speeds up to 25 knots (46 km/h). The owner need not worry about comfort, because in chic marine transport has a kitchen, a bathroom and a sun lounger on the roof to sunbathe in a Sunny day. Inside, the cabin is equipped with LEDs, which at night turns the boat into a kind of shimmering of the space Shuttle.

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