The Xbox One and PS4 in 24-carat gold

Poradi.yak.ua_29.01.2015_6bLOcSA6WNDk8Golden smartphones, plasma televisions, smart watches, USB flash drives and even printers are no longer a surprise hard-boiled buyer. Need more gold!

The company ColorWare has released a limited number of exclusive gamepads for consoles Sony and Microsoft, made of pure 24 carat gold. Clearly, the controllers are not made of pure gold — plated with precious metal, some of the device just enough to set the price at three hundred bucks.


Gamepad compatible with Xbox One and PS4 has all the functions necessary for strategic killing zombies or shooting at the enemy jet. CEO of ColorWare stated, «We decided to experiment with 24-carat gold, because it is quite a fun idea – to create an exclusive gaming controller for real diehard gamers and fans.»


All were released on 25 controllers for each console, and they flew like hot cakes in the dead of winter. The creators of thinking about the issue of larger quantities for the mass market, so you have more time to save money for this unnecessary expenditure.

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