The worst trainer in the gym

The worst trainer in the gym

There are many simulators that seem to many dudes practically useless. We even posted a couple of times on some exercise machines that seem so. Actually, if you were wondering, here is the article. After consulting with the guys and mutual friends, we decided to give special prizes to the most useless, meaningless and useless simulator. Thus, the simulator for the attention of the hips! The most useless and pointless machine at the gym! And if you wanted to argue, we offer a variety of arguments against this simulator.

It’s not the worst trainer is one of those useless trainers that have something to do, but perfectly and one hundred percent replaced by the usual equipment. However, for women like me, normal variant, after months of training for this she can crack nuts with the power of the hips and shoot arrows from his horse, driving with the legs. However, I digress.

Always start with free weights. After warm-up, of course. You stretch it out fairly quickly, your empty gas tank and need something to do. You go to the gym, to lose some calories and earn his beer. To use the exercise machines after free weights and even between sets — a normal thing, it all depends on training goals. But, of course, you shouldn’t pay attention to the trainer for information hips, it all is to throw Napalm and throw it in the volcano. And then pierce with a wooden stake.

A man, provided of course that a trainer in the gym, use this machine instead of squats. Some seriously think that you can completely replace working with free weights and my weight. In most cases, Fig.

Remember those guys who keep on missing legs? These dudes whose knowledge about healthy way of life are insignificant and are reduced to a huge mass (eat protein — shake bitsuhu) and beautiful bizuk? Those whose legs looks like chicken, and the upper part of a colossal? They do not realize that their too much upper body pressure on the joints, damaging them. Don’t miss the feet! I understand that many hate these exercises but they are vital. I also initially hated, but then became involved.

Instead of the standard sit-UPS, squats or drive dudes doing the leg press, the feet, and engaged on other simulators, which hurt his feet. Everything seems to be fine, like everyone else, but maybe not worth it?

This is not a functional natural movement

Best on the body work of the movement that can be called natural. Lifting the box from the floor raised a number of these muscles, which are unable to be broken equipment, but included during barbell exercises. The majority of the load in exercise machines leg press lying, foot information and other similar equipment moved to its details. Some muscles are working, but the important muscles of the static load are in a state of degeneration. In fact, there are even a few good books dedicated to leg injuries as a result of the transfer of any items or similar load. This occurs due to the underdevelopment of the muscles of the legs and the fact that the movement is not natural on the right path. Straight back, correct position of feet — half the problem is gone by itself. Look how in normal gyms grandparents, who remained in good health, despite the fact that with the sport since childhood years! The Soviet school had people for three months to perfect the technique to be perfect, not because of the evil Soviet government wanted more medals for proper technique, because good technique is the chance that you will keep health and reduce the number of injuries.

Specifically about the feet

The legs are also an unnatural motion. In some literature, for example, in the book by Dr. Stuart McGill on the disorders of joints States that such a movement makes you the most vulnerable to knee injuries. The leg press back you can make even those who suffer from osteoarthritis — this helps the restoration of the joint, which is best washed by synovial fluid. Specific impact in this exercise is the lower back, specifically on the vertebrae. Of course, the impact on the joints and vertebrae will not happen immediately, it is cumulative, i.e. cumulative. Some guys years run in the wrong shoes, laughing at the classification of the shoes, but then suddenly it turns out that they have partially destroyed the meniscus or articular mouse runs around in the articular capsule. They think it’s okay: they’re old! Of course, to have osteoarthritis in more than 30 years — is the norm.

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