The world was shocked with the death of a Matador

manygoodtips.com_12.07.2016_Zgb95WGVs65KNIn the city of Teruel in Eastern Spain bull killed a 29-year-old bullfighter Victor Barrio during a speech, which was broadcast live.It happened the tragic event of July 9, most recently. The last three decades the bull was lost to man, but this month the opposite happened. He broke his horns, presented by nature, the flesh a skilled bullfighter. The last one died in the hospital, doctors were unable to save the man. The last case of the death of a Matador (fixed) occurred in 1985. However do not forget that the Torero often receive serious injuries that completely deprive them of the ability to continue fighting.

Why do we even took the news, this far from Russia and incomprehensible to our person, which in my eyes never seen this spectacle? The fact that the incident hit the front page of many Internet resources, snuck into the house and each sat down in the minds of compassionate people. All of these people, defenders of the poor ungulates, genuinely happy that people engaged in «blood sports» were killed. «Serves him right, he deserved it! Died the death of a serial killer, and the bull died a hero’s death!» they say. To be honest, we have received hundreds of letters of approval, if I spoke about Victor Barrio in a similar way, but we will not do this, because bullfighting is OK. And that’s what we think about it, about Victor’s death and the reaction of the «moral» of the public to this event.

An irresistible urge to prohibitions

Can I be considered romantic and even silly, but I believe that this should not be, in principle, I look at it or not. You can’t kill anyone for fun.

— from a conversation with a supporter of the ban of bullfighting in Other words: «If I don’t like something, it shouldn’t be.» Position that is difficult to say if the person has always been difficult to convince that the world doesn’t revolve only around his ideals, ideas, and his person. If you don’t like something, then it should not be in principle. But what about those who like this sport? Their opinion is not as valuable? And what about the tradition that goes back hundreds of years, perhaps thousands. Let bullfighting spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula after the Reconquista, but the battle with the bull was known in the bronze age, it was a ritual.

When the ban bullfighting (and we are sure that sooner or later it will happen) then the next in line will probably be jumping (because there is also the poor animals «exploit»), duck hunt, and maybe even fishing. Where there is cruelty? Oh, and almost every other sport and leisure of the modern man. We love to watch Boxing, MMA, computer games, where there are «trained to kill». What we else do we like? Of course movies can be pictures of violence, rape and murder — should they also ban, because it is «bloody show, unworthy of modern man». If among our readers there’s the guy who also advocates the prohibition of this wilderness, we want to ask you: are you against violence or you just have to define their civic position, to be better than others?Many criticize the state, which signs all-inclusive packages Spring, but forget to criticize ourselves when we, with a sense of moral satisfaction, be on the side of people who justify a particular prohibition. Why not support if the taboo applies to a small group of people, right? Honestly, it is best to put yourself the question: why do I need it? Most often the answer lies in the phrase: «I don’t like it». No logic, no rational arguments, but there is a painful explosion of selfishness that could turn into a real ban anything.

Meat-the hypocrisy

manygoodtips.com_12.07.2016_4tJ626yeU6PbnThe only thing I personally regret is that the bull is still killed, despite his victory. And doing so always — spelled out in the rules. I think it is unfair because he won the fight, and the man was lost — he deserves the prize, let him do not understand. But let us continue our story about the cruelty that is called «corrida».

If you ever watched a bullfight, you know that the bull is not killed always. Matador can «forgive» poor cloven-hoofed, and it will remain alive. But most often the bull is killed for cooking meat dishes in the restaurants located near the arena. In any case, between the Matador and the bull, there is some mystical connection, which by its nature is a unique phenomenon in world culture. To understand it are only those who do poorly know the story of this entertainment, which has always been considered in the Spanish society, high art, and not merely a bloody spectacle. Matador taught to respect your opponent the final blow he deals thus to death of the bull as quickly as possible, and not from internal bleeding, which may last up to 6 minutes. But, in any case, the bull dies fighting, and this is not the same, that death at the factory. Let’s not turn back the bull hurt like it hurt and the guy who died recently from injuries inflicted on these animals. A contract was signed to death, and died in Teruel two.

It all sounds terrible if only not to think about the scale of meat consumption in the world. At one slaughterhouse can score 30 000 head of cattle per day (American scale). The result is a delicious steaks, from which the refuse no one is going. The difference between bullfighting and slaughter of livestock in quantity. And do not say that bullfighting is for fun, and cows are slaughtered for food. When was the last time you ate meat only in order to be satisfied? It was nothing to replace it? Each and all of us eat meat for pleasure by and large, as well as many other products. If it would be only about hunger, we could do some vegetables and cereals.Now imagine the situation. You have two options, each of which you will inevitably perish: in the first case, you put a bullet of the machine gun, you’re in a dirty, bloodstained hangar, around you hundreds of people waiting for the same fate; in the second case, you have the opportunity to die on the battlefield against a superior you the power of the enemy, you know you will die, but die free. What will you choose? I think the answer is obvious even for vegans. Of course, they can resist, to say that animals can’t choose and evaluate what is happening. The way it is, because the assessment of the events gives the man himself. Even the concept of «animal suffering» is purely human nature. The animal itself does not know what suffering is, after all, his capacity for understanding is very limited. That is, the conflict centered around bullfighting, is not created by the animals themselves (we ask them, unfortunately, can not), but between two groups of people, one of which is probably designed to disrupt the party.

If death on the battlefield more prestigious than the death of a factory for the manufacture of meat, then maybe this death would be more humane? The question is left open. Without a doubt, there is a voice that will completely disagree with this opinion (even our editors are people who think differently), but it just means that before something to evaluate, it is necessary to think well.

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