The world needs more cyclists! You have to ask why? will always be someone to hate someone blacks, someone the police, someone’s children, and who — cyclists. It just so happened that for the normal life we need to feel the hostility. Suppose that, although the arguments against cyclists usually stilted and strained. Women on bikes are perceived almost as ambiguous as women behind the wheel: «a monkey with a grenade» is an understatement. Let them go: we are better, because…

Will be interesting to stand in traffic jams

When the street are found not only breathless pot-bellied men, hulking buses and beeping cars, but also the charming cyclist, it diversifies the morning on the way to work. Women’s bikes are of very graceful forms, even «fixes» — and they look gracefully, and with them and the rider. Now, standing in traffic, you won’t be desperate to curse everything in the world, and enjoy the view going to work and training the girls. Nicely, needless to say.

It would be safer

Will cite recent U.S. statistics: there recently have risen most fashion bike. A lot of pedestrians, bicycles readily available and know what is the result? Fewer accidents involving cars. Drivers who see women on bikes will automatically slow down and behave more prudently. Admit it, many dudes driving would not hurt to look at both to chance someone not to kill or not to kill himself. So they will have this for another reason.

Women will be better led

Statistics shows that the ratio of cyclists and cyclists in Portland where rides many people, approximately 70% against 30%. The same is observed and at the other end of the planet — in Paris. The ratio of men and women on bicycles almost everywhere the same because the typical female fears: they are afraid of the movement, the helmet don’t want to wear the skirt on bike will not fit — the ladies always excuses. If all of them together sat on the bike, over time, would cease to fear and avoid women on the roads. Practice is the best teacher. Cyclists better road feel and act more confident — I agree, so much better than when a lady is rushing here and there — even at the crosswalk, even though driving a car.

Finally destroyed the stereotype of athletes-murlenbach

I bet all the girls who play sports, it’s a shame that they are considered masculine. If there is a reverse stereotype and men-runners, for example, considered effeminate, I’d be upset — these are my logic. But back to the ladies. What can you do if for every sport they have to wear trousers or shorts and sneakers. Probably the Bicycle is almost the only way (other than slow walking and elite tennis) to improve their shape and look girl. City bike is not a mountain, and there are advantages. He goes slowly, but it girls can ride in skirts, dresses and even heels. Good news — first for them, but we are not loser.

Girls will look better

Is this a major plus? A sedentary lifestyle does not benefit anyone: men grow beer bellies, women unappetizing cellulite. If physical activity become commonplace, problems with the forms of the fair sex will be significantly reduced. Say, ten miles in the morning before work, ten kilometers from work in the evening — and here she strong and tight ass and toned legs, which just a sin not to watch. Why they still do not ride on a regular basis?

The infrastructure will be better to develop

The authorities could not in good conscience score on cyclists when he sees so many girls on bikes. We immediately (at least I want to believe they’re not the stone) will appear and Bicycle paths and Bicycle traffic lights, and even separated bike paths — because women are afraid of movement, and if they decided to sit on the bike, then it’s time to create conditions for them.

If you need arguments, just look here and here.

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