The world needs heroes, and that hero could be you

There was a time in human history (early antiquity), when the hero was considered the man who went to a certain fate. They are the rules of fate, who told him that he was the hero, and the fate of heroic. A man, according to Greek poetry, could not evade his fate — he was going to die, even when they understand that they will die. And it wasn’t about courage, and the order of the universe. The hero was not left to itself, the heroism was not a personal choice — he carried out the will of the gods.

But then came the strange character of the Greek myth Oedipus the King. The lame, the blind, not the Achilles. But this is the man who turned the idea of the hero. Oedipus the king is a person who was a person against the will of Fate. Perhaps the plot of the tragedy «Oedipus the King» will not seem heroic, but he asked the vector, which allows you to get up off his knees and to one of the major revelations for themselves — vile world you can fight, but to do it to be alone. The world needs heroes who are willing to go beyond their own personal ambitions. A hero can be you.

People who throw themselves on a grenade to protect his brothers-in-arms — without a doubt, heroes. But that heroic behavior is learned not only in such extreme episodes. You don’t need a war to be a hero. To do this, the self-awareness you need to build a particular relationship with the world where peace is what you must change, change for the better. If you are satisfied with what is happening in the world, you’re no hero, you have nothing it becomes. But you’re a hero, if you’re worried about things that don’t concern you.Take for example the problem of the Ussuri tigers. Their outrageously low. These animals are used for abominable kind of medicine, which is based on archaic principles. In other words, the authorities of the Siberian tiger fall into the grinder for good reason — they do not help the sick and the naive Chinese patients. Now the tigers are protected, but they left a small amount. If you are aware of this problem, if this problem (which does not affect your well-being) bothers you, then you’re not a hero, but on the way to it. You left the iron turned into gold, to carry out the act of the alchemical operation, to create something that will solve the problem. In other words, you have to have the will to do something. If you surrender to the power of this action, which may save these tigers, they’re a hero. Hero because he defied fate, tried to change the usual order of things and decided to deal with the circumstances. Even if you lose this war, then no one will take from you what you decided to be lame and blind, to join the battle.

Of course, it’s not tiger. The problem may be of a different level, but she needs to get beyond the personal. For example, if you help your father-the alcoholic to get on feet, will make a man of him, you have committed an act of heroism, because you could just get a life, and about his father to forget. You can also exercise citizenship, which would mean that you entered into an unequal battle with the repressive machine of the state. Time the pronunciation of a few words in support of the disgraced people will make you a hero, you’re not afraid to say that, although payback can be quite tough. Remember the shootings and the camps, which adorned the map of the Soviet Union some 80 years ago.

Hero is not a muscular male who has powers, why it cannot be destroyed. In such films, and if we talk about real life, they look somewhat haughtily. The hero is a weak man, who despite his weakness makes a big step in the direction of other people. Boxer, to whom nature has given the ability to build muscle and exercise were given the opportunity to beat without a miss is the same craftsman. It is well done, succeeded through rigorous selection, but there is nothing heroic. Boxing is a sport. People earn money in this big money. It’s always strange to see how millions of people applaud any sports star, a dollar millionaire, whose job it is to beat the person, to chase a ball or swim faster than others. A homeless person who decided to stand up for the girl when she was raped in a Park in the middle of the snow and dry twigs, deserves more respect. But if he gets stabbed in the stomach will die from exhaustion and loss of blood, it just downloads the package and send it in an unmarked grave. But his life had much more meaning, because it probably saved person. Such real heroes.

But of course, you can continue to praise people for talent. Learn to beat the person, as does Mohammed Ali, not everyone can. To play guitar, as does John 5, not even for professional guitarists. This is a unique people who deserve respect. But heroes are they? Possible, but not because of their professional skills. Who knows? Maybe Mohammed Ali saved thirty people helped with their battles to get out of the ghetto for tens of thousands of black guys, but probably didn’t, and Muhammad Ali — it’s just a nice, starry, brilliant boxer, nothing more.

People who grew up in a society where the main criterion of success is money, ability, sex, career growth, it is difficult to imagine that the manifestation of the heroic is not the only thing they will regret on his deathbed. Everyone regrets the time spent, even if it’s endless rise to the top. If this rise to the top not due to heroism, then this rise can be called impotence life, which is broken only with pills — it’s all just an illusion of success.Look at the world. Dirty? But there is a glimmer of light in it. These glimpses don’t just happen. They are created by people who are willing to give of their time to improve this world. They are idealists, and idealists finished. But such people do not have enough for all of us. It is possible that tomorrow you will Wake up early in the morning, look back on your life and chase after «success» and then decide to cut this knot that squeezes your legs. You stand on your feet and see the real situation which requires action. Requires of youthful maximalism, which will laugh at any «normal person», but it will serve as fuel for life change (not only yours) the better.

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