The world day of shopping with GearBest


Students of the Chinese town of Nanjing in the ‘ 90s clearly had problems with the local girls because they started the procession of popular holiday — day of bachelor. The date were four cherished numbers — 11.11., symbolize the lonely people (in China, all the numbers and figures are treated with reverence), and since then so happened that not only in Asia but also in other countries of the November 11, solitary arrange a blind date or celebrate this day with the same newcolcount friend.Recently for the holiday quietly and joined stores, and very hard — crazy Day bachelor 2013 because of the great sale broke even the records of the famous Black Friday (vodka «Maotai» over 2000 yuan, some managed to grab 1 yuan!). Since then, the scope grew, and is now the largest sales naturally reached online borders — online shopping announce unprecedented action, including GearBest.

On this site you can find almost any product: from electrical to clothing.

On 11 November there will be organized actionthat you better not miss.The main difference between these guys from AliExpress — it’s the same, but in Russian, without guesswork «would have a normal product» with a pleasant and convenient service. In addition, there is a unique opportunity to do pre-orders, and guarantees of return of the goods within 45 days and free repairs within 360 days. I am glad also that the support here helpful and will always help. And since the store specializiruetsya on the technique, you have no fear to borrow a laptop or tablet.


To gain more discount of gifts for the New year, you better buy magic coupons: they will be issued in limited quantities every day at a fixed time on the product, the product category section, brand, etc. Keep in mind that one IP will be issued only one coupon of each type! If you have a friend-a bachelor, you’d better act together to increase the chances of winning. And not to miss the opportunity — it is better to subscribe to a newsletter. At the moment we already know that the biggest discounts on the coupons will be 7-15 November at 19:00 and all the coupons will come into effect on November 9 at 11:00. «Red» price: ultrabook Cube iWork11, Bluetooth headphones Syllable D900MINI and smartphone XiaoMi Mi5 the 32GB version.


Speaking of Christmas gifts, even if you’re an adult, this does not mean that we should not believe in miracles. For example, GearBest discounts in addition to promises these free gifts — that is right free, in the truest sense of the word. To get them you have to register on the website, share it on one of their social media accounts the promotions page and catch as many coins as possible 7-15 November at a certain time (16:00, 18:00, 21:00, 11:00 and 13:00 UTC). This podekovat will last only 3 minutes so don’t slack off and remember that coupons received during this time, you can only use days of the sale. Among other things, at the least cost will be distributed to steep fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band Original 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristbandchto for Russia, in any case not oversleep 11:11 and 23:11 Moscow time — in these hours of waiting for you coupons for headphones Xiaomi Earphones MiIV, backpack from Xiaomi and the memory card Samsung Memory Card 64GB. Expected discounts for the different categories: phones and tablets, computers and networking, home & garden, toys & Hobbies, and clothing, including autumn and winter. If you want to exalt in the eyes of females, it’s time to buy stylish and quality things.

By the way, subscribers of the group «Vkontakte» will be separate buns — take part in the competition and be at the computer on November 11!


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