The world belongs to those who want it

pragotiThere is a problem: we have high aspirations, which remain only aspirations. At least it happened to me. Look around a lot of dudes that claim to want to so-and-so, set goals, and the result is no no. Someone years can work in dead-end job — this guy you know. Maybe you also feel like that.

Unfulfilled goals, of course, lead to disappointment, depression, undermine our spirit and completely discourage the desire even to start. When we dig a little deeper, we will see something in common in the lives of dudes who have goals not going well.

First, the excuses. «The economy is in the shit.» «I am by nature not so smart». «Just big-boned». «I don’t have time». Well, you know what I mean.

Secondly, they often exert the absolute minimum effort to achieve what you want. For some reason they think that if they’re a little to move the needle point, and then everything will go.

Usually these children are saying to stop with the excuses and give yourself a kick. Some listen to the advice, and then they all work. Others find new excuses and new ways, which, again, require a minimum of effort. And all in a circle.

These guys do not realize one simple truth: the world belongs to those who seek it. We have to work like crazy, you have to really want to do everything possible. To strive means to do what you want, as long as you want until you reach your goal.

Not gods pots

When you look at the big dudes from the history of the world, notice that they all have in common: they sought. For example, Lomonosov came to Moscow to study, walk with some of the outskirts of civilization, because I wanted it. He has sought. Peter isn’t sought? So he knew everything, even sewing the costumes and ships to build! And why? Wanted!

Interestingly, very few successful people are born with extraordinary abilities and talents. In fact, they had a lot to work on ourselves to achieve something. Well, not to be from nature and inclined to the construction of ships, and the management of the state, and to the extraction of teeth. To be able to all this, you have to really want it.

Face it, dude: most of us — ordinary average bro. Average intelligence, average build and average looks. Many of our failures and shortcomings. We are all almost in the same conditions as millions of other people. And yet, despite average intelligence and looks, we somehow think of ourselves as special. But we nifiga not special. But the average. Especially if you are not committed to their goals.

Why men do not seek? Because I am lazy and afraid of failure. In most cases men think: «I want the same thing and that dude, only I don’t have so-and-so, and he’ll have it.» So, we can’t affect the talents and propensities, which are born; what were our parents — but we have complete control over our desires. No one else tells you how you must strive. You can do anything to get what you want.

Personal experience

When I went to University, I was sad to see. I was just a complete dude, not at all athletic, ran slowly, coordination of movements is no good. Until the fifth year I played football for the national team uni. How did this happen? Workout, man. Workout.

I had no natural inclination, but I very much aspired to it. At first no one took me seriously, but then I started to work on technique. I followed the diet, lost the fat and increased muscle mass. I did everything to get me out. It took three years, but in the end, I played in the team. If I tried, I couldn’t have done it. A coach once told me: «You’re done. My team has guys are by nature more talented and athletic. But you labor to offset what you cheated nature. You earned your success.»

From this conversation I received two of the lesson. First, if you’re a coach/boss/boss/mentor, take the time to praise those you’re leading. That conversation gave me the confidence and strengthened me. Secondly, the desire works. It turned me from a loose flabby guy in football.

Thus, the determination doesn’t make you Pele, if you have no talent. But it will help you to develop as much as you can.

The second example is also associated with the University. I’m not by nature a genius. All my tests showed an average result. This of course, I was upset because I thought my friends are smart. I could memorize the whole textbook before the exam, while they were walking, and as a result I still have the evaluation was worse than #gissibl. And then I got red diploma.

So, on my course were intelligent people. Much smarter than me. I just had to try hard to study well. Yes, I studied for a week before the exam, and I’m not ashamed. I read all the literature (Philology have to read a lot), and people were surprised at the degree of prochitannosti semester of my list. I sat in the library for half a day. And even went there on the weekends when I had to write the coursework. I tried as best I could.

And in the end all this unexpectedly turned into a red diploma. It was not out of the question until it is before the state, I have not approached the teacher and said that I should retake the two exams to get it. To refuse I did not. In General, this diploma has no effect, but flatters vanity.

Turn off the idiot box and start

And now I hope that the pains are not in vain. All this is not just a boast in the style of «I’m cool, look at me, do as I do». I had another goal. The truth is that I’m not especially steep. As I said, I’m average. Like most people, I tried very hard to get what you have. I hope people who are reading this will remember it. Yes, it will be difficult but others have done it before you. Just try.

If tired to work «uncle» open up your own business. To many, this idea seems unreal: they think that it will be necessary to leave the current work and to devote himself to new business. Not always. You can do both. Day work, and develop your business. You have to work hard to have it all worked out, but many did. Abandon entertainment and laziness and move forward.

Want to become a professional blogger, writer, musician, etc. — seek. Ignore the promises in the spirit of «tryin’ for an hour», it leads nowhere. Whatever your goal, you’ll achieve if you strive for it. I’ve seen it more than once.

The world needs dudes who are committed

Life is tough. We face enormous problems to solve that’s not easy. The world needs leaders, heads of families and business. Need entrepreneurs and employers who padobot the economy in the ass. We need motivated guys.

The Internet, by the way, very influenced by the commitment of people. Can a couple of clicks to see what’s happening on the other end of the planet to access any information, make purchases, watch a movie, buy a plane ticket. And we begin to feel that any action should be much simpler than they really are. In the world many things had changed, but the need to strain your butt has not disappeared. Perhaps even increased.

What I want to say. Let us strive harder. I know that if we all strive for, the world will indeed change. Not immediately, but will change for sure.

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