The workplace of our dreams

Healthy working conditions — this is not the only office, where everyone is sneezing and coughing. This is when the employee is not whining and not complaining about low wages, when he doesn’t care about the stupid customers and stupid chiefs. He just likes to go to work, he catches the buzz from the process. Security, joy and happiness, you feel like at work? No? Then appeal to all chiefs and employers. Here are a few tips that will improve not only the environment but also performance. After all, if workers begin to enjoy where they work, it will cover your office, joy, happiness and prosperity, blue is mine. And it is not a utopia, such jobs really are.

Disconnect during off hours

Porada.kom.ua_29.07.2016_lFTz1S3h66lyJThe French government recently adopted a new law on labor conditions, to change the working situation in the country. Overall, great popularity among the people he didn’t, however, there is one point worth taking note of.

Our high-tech era, has become the norm, coming home from the office immediately to rush over to the computer to check work email over Breakfast, and call «for» while on vacation. Why we think we need to always be connected. Some idiots said, while others (and we) dutifully performed. This unbalanced way of life blurs the line between work and home, and this line must be honored as father and mother, because it affects our well-being and performance.

However, if overtime, you can bear. But if you’re a day poking around in ekselevskoy the table before 9 PM, you wonder whether the game is worth the candle.

Vacation and money

It should require paid family leave guaranteed paid maternity leave.

Here we criticize the Turks, meanwhile, they are in the country give 16 paid weeks of maternity leave. You know, reptiles as well affects the health and mental well-being vacation with the family.

We, of course, less weeks, but still, it is necessary to use. Vacation is very good. It’s even better than… than anything! Seriously! It’s a chance to change the picture and to energy supply.

Flexible work schedule

A «normal» schedule with 9 to 5 is great for some people. Of course, not all. Not satisfied with this only those who goes to the gym to work, those involved in the work is extremely creative, and for dinner looking for a Muse and inspiration, not suitable, and in principle not compatible with people who are constantly on the move.

Most of the world has long realized that to achieve better performance, we need to introduce a flexible schedule. Like Google, Valve and other offices, in whose success no doubt. There is no point telling you how many cases, and unrealized dreams have fallen victim to the eight-hour working day. And so, happy and grateful employee of the little that finds time for himself, so also performs the task, but only in the most convenient and comfortable time for yourself.

A little distance won’t hurt

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2016_Ua0zp0ahlcOaXThere is another secret which makes the employee happier and more productive. Talking about working remotely. Already subsided disputes about what is best. Proponents of remote work told about a comfortable environment, the office routine supporters argued that the comfort only slows. Everyone has to decide for themselves what suits him more, even though numerous polls show that remote employees are much more productive, happier and less stressed since they get more time for yourself, your family and not wasting time on travel. Plus, sometimes you just want to work in shorts, eating warmed up lasagna, and go to the toilet without fear of the pissy toilet seat and other people’s germs under the rim of the toilet. But on the other hand, want to take a NAP for 20 minutes and sleep for 3 hours. Then what the hell is performance, when you’re in between work roll party in the WOT.

To solve the eternal dispute, interfered with the science. Taking into account the arguments and those and others, they, as usual, turned them in a certain place, and showed great discovery (as always, British scientists, by the way) — just one working day on the remote and the employee will be much happier.

Basic medical care on the spot

Much easier to get a flu shot, or be the first in the queue for a kidney transplant than finding at least one physician office. Because usually what happens if you become ill, if you fell under the pressure of work and commitments that you honor and praise, glorious warrior, the company will not forget you. Just don’t stay at the hospital and then ask to quit. Unfortunately, no such thing as health care is virtually non-exist. A pity, then would the worker was healthier, and jobs increased. But unfortunately, nobody needs it, because it costs a lot of money. Need to pay doctors, to equip an office and handle other details. And healthy employees, apparently, doesn’t.

To sleep, to lie would

43% of respondents say that during the week they don’t get enough sleep. Although a small «spit» can not replace a quality full sleep, 20-30 minutes with your eyes closed, greatly increases productivity, creativity and overall health. By the way, Google, Procter&Gamble has a special capsule for sleep. We have enough regular sofa in the REC room, isn’t it? Moreover, sleep will not take long. Just make sure wiped the saliva from his cheeks before going back to the workplace.

A good worker, worker moves sedentary lifestyle is known to benefit anyone is not. When you do your ass for 8 or more hours a day, it greatly slows down your metabolism parallel to increasing the risk of cancer, diabetes and various heart diseases. What to do? To enter gymnastics? Lay the yoga mats right in the office? Well, not bad, much cheaper than buying exercise equipment and treadmills. Although China did easier — put telescopic tables. Want wait, want to sit. Very convenient, because to sit all day — the work tedious, and the work not to be distracted.

Total relax

Healthy working environment should be invigorating more than exercise. If your working surroundings is almost the same as in the TV series «Vinyl», of course, you do not have to miss, cocaine and alcohol, and good music please not less Bugatti Veyron donated just. Employees need to know that they will do their work quietly, without stress and constant worry. Chronic stress — the thing is as disgusting as the TV series «Tatyana’s day». Therefore, every office should be equipped with recreational areas, biscuits, sofas, Board games and the hell with them — with yoga mats. This is happiness — to play FIFA at work, immediately after the signing of the contract.

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