The work of the Belarusian oil pipeline opened contraceptives.

In the «Druzhba» pipeline to catch any foreign objects that where not supposed to be. Suddenly out of order and the metering of oil in the Slovak and Czech sections of the pipeline: the meters suddenly began to show a much larger volume of pumped oil. What happened??

After stopping the operation of all components working, we found a very interesting cause of failure: in the pipeline were countless nipple and, sorry, condoms. Failure has occurred on 7 and 8 October.

Transneft supposes that the stuffing has occurred while adding special additives for better passage of oil. It is obvious that the condom does not generally affect the passage. Definitely need to know the manufacturer of the miraculous contraception: if you do not pass the oil, little goes.

But «Friendship» strongly refutes such news with statements that «it is technically impossible to do so in the pipeline was hit foreign objects». OJSC «Gomeltransneft Druzhba» also adds that: «the Pipe is under pressure, even the sampling of oil on perekashivayutsya stations being within a certain mode. In addition, regulatory authorities are constantly monitoring for the elimination of illegal «tie-ins» in the pipeline».

The incident with increasing counters also deny desperately.»If the accounting system of pumping through the pipe is out of order, there is also a backup metering system that allow to obtain reliable data. Therefore, it is appropriate to ask: who in today’s difficult situation it is advantageous to present the matter as if the tube are much larger compared to contracted volumes,» said servants of the pipeline.

But I still recommend to find out that the condoms were dumped, so, just in case…

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