The woman received a message… To the cat

05/04/13-branded cat - Cottrill way, Bedford

As soon as the mankind has not invented to transmit information! And faxes, and couriers, and mail coaches, and birds, and the Telegraph, radio and mail «Classmates» and a… cat.

So, comrade. Once a resident of the English town of Bedford, 42-year Learn Manns, returned home from work. After some time, came back and ladies man — 11-year-old cat Becks. But something in the striped beast has changed… she found him clean-shaven on the area in which red marker was written the following message: «Neuter please your cat!»

The absurdity of the situation adds to the fact that the girl already had this procedure… 8 years ago. The answer is simple: either the cat is so steep that castration not work, or, more likely, the cat simply confused with another cat.

In any case, this is abuse, and Manns is trying to find the culprit, but how does she do it? Oh, the trouble-trouble. Although nothing terrible, overgrown cat.

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