The woman chose a weapon against the police


There are many different guns that can cause serious damage, 41-year-old mother Jane Bahmi (Bugmy) was chosen as instruments to protect their offspring… quiche.

While walking with the stroller to Jane was approached by two constables for the purpose of verification of the documents, but the woman was not given the documents, the documents did not like the police, and then there was the extremely unpleasant incident. The police began to threaten Jane, and one even tried to turn her wheelchair (at least, so said mother). But Jane had a gun: she was returning home from cooking. The woman took the cake and in the best tradition of stupid comedies threw them at police. The shot hit him right in the face and was powerful enough that even the bruises remained.

But the story ended not so funny, now Jane is obliged to work for three weeks for the benefit of society on public works. Here’s a justice.

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