The wolf of wall street is your comrade

the wolf of wall streetOn the screens out the new film by Martin Scorsese «the Wolf of wall street». decided not to stay away.

Leonardo DiCaprio could all his life to appear before the audience in the role of hero-lover bare-chested, however, the time ceased to be in a purely romantic movies and became a famous actor with a pedigree, expressive and very lively person. Even the wrinkles have gone to him! Scorsese shot it not once, not twice, but five, and if at this time, DiCaprio again will not get an Oscar, it will be even worse when Kendrick Lamar did not get «Grammy» for best rap album, and 2014 will be remembered as unfair in the field of pop culture.

«The wolf of wall street» — pure black Comedy, the play with the audience and benefit DiCaprio surrounded by curly betnovate Jonah hill, who previously did not step away from the comedian Seth Rogen, and luminary Matthew McConaughey. For three hours they will show and tell you all about how to launder money, snorting cocaine, drinking whiskey and shoot prostitutes — famously, brilliantly, in the spirit of the medieval carnival, arranged on a shiny glamorous way. I can’t believe the film is based on real events.

Scorsese showed on the big screens carnival 2.0. It is celebrated not once a year: live in it, forgetting about the reality and with the head immersed in pleasure, leaving a comfortable apartment just to sit in the smart car and break it in drug perezcortes took it on the eponymous book by financial broker Jordan Belfort. At the age of 26 he has earned $ 50 million from his own brokerage firm, which is so good it made a noise on wall street that she became interested in the FBI. Everything was exactly as shown in the movie: Belfort really was thrown into jail for money laundering for three years, shining knocked off his term in exchange for the help to a consequence. Then Belfort got rid of alcohol and drug abuse, has written several books and began to speak with the business lectures. A true embodiment of the brash and unwavering American will to succeed.

Belfort played by DiCaprio, and it’s hard to give the very twenty-six. Perhaps this inaccuracy ends and begins a great movie.

In «Wolf,» nobody is singing and dancing, not waving a fluffy skirt does not go in hand, but still in every scene a sense of theatricality and a farce, and the adaptation of the carnival to luxury penthouses and suits for three thousand dollars. The hero Leonardo DiCaprio makes an attempt to explain to the audience exactly how to work his big fraudulent scheme, but then refuses it and waving at venture arm continues to drink, smoke, spend, cheat and wasurete.

The leading motive in this brilliant and luxurious carnival, as in the middle ages, the abundant, but somewhat of a different kind. An abundance of wines and dishes varies in Scorsese’s this avalanche of whiskey, cocaine, Kaluga and other tablets, the harvest festival, the celebration of greed, the triumph of money. Scorsese showed on the big screens carnival 2.0. It is celebrated not once a year: live in it, forgetting about the reality and with the head immersed in pleasure, leaving a comfortable apartment just to sit in the smart car and break it in a drugged stupor. In the center of the carnival figure of the clown. In our case this is the successful broker looking at which one cannot laugh: but not over it, and over the whole world. Sometimes, however, Belfort becomes a laughing stock, but only because funny himself and admits that indifference is completely self-confident person.

Scorsese mocks, laughs at herself, trying to get rich over the poor, over the American patriotism above all. And rightly so

Scorsese is so literally tells us the story about the reference of the American dream that the viewer ceases to believe in it. Really never like the truth: to become like, little need to decorate. Scorsese embellishes in the opposite direction, distilled and concentrating the image of the rich motes, that there is nothing more to be desired. Taking pseudodragon conversation with the FBI, Belfort casually says: «This yacht had to make this huge, because otherwise it would not find space for a helicopter». Scorsese mocks, laughs at herself, trying to get rich over the poor, over the American patriotism above all. And rightly so. We should be. Driving with your luxury yachts of the same agents, the hero of DiCaprio in the righteous anger of the rich man throws them in the back of the lobster and snorts: «Take on the track, redneck uncouth!» — and then dispels wind over retrousse the FBI «lying around in his pocket» an amount equal to their annual salary, mockingly saying: «Fly, fly, confetti!»

Belfort is extremely cynical: he laughs even on the demonstration of American patriotism. Collecting, by his own admission, a gang of crooks to open your own firm, it acquaints them with the concept of a company that will cash in on penny stocks: «Yes, our founders came over on the Mayflower (approx. — the ship on which the founding fathers reached the shores of America) and carved in stone the name of our company». It costs nothing with a serious face to tell this legend to a client to convince him to spend on non-profitable stocks arbitrarily large amount. Belfort refuses traditional values of American society (he spit on family, patriotism), not afraid to get your hands dirty, it is nothing important, of course, except money. Hero DiCaprio waging war against other people’s purses («twisted version of Robin hood: robbing from the rich and gives to himself»), relying on the help of their workers, to whom, as a true strategist, each week delivers an incendiary speech. So he supports the morale of his soldiers, whose only weapons are handset and superhuman powers of persuasion that in their capable hands become worse guns. «We Are America!» — Belfort exclaims into the microphone in front of a crowd wanting to get rich brokers — they raise their hands and excitedly shout. It’s true: they are America. New America hungry hakerov — cynical, contemptuous and fearless — a new Midas: whatever they touch, all guaranteed to turn to gold, but only for their sole and undivided possession. Customers only receive the ashes.

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2014_XVzKhiqtjLFehFor all its carnival madness «the Wolf of wall street» is not obscene carnival. The frame is of medieval Orgy, which claims rights of a body, mutilated for centuries the humility of the flesh, not Rabelaisian chanting all bodily functions — sex becomes overkill like drugs and alcohol. Life of the rich hakerov sex is a great show and idea show, a Grand smotrelis, in the context of sex is deeply flawed. Sex is reduced to the grotesque, it is so much, it is so sweet that it no longer want. On the one hand, the picture of envy, on the other — abundance of sick if eaten halva — a rich and sweet halva. «The wolf of wall street» is much vulgar and immoral scandalous «Nymphomaniac», although on the screen close up to see the genitals — but is genitals in the frame is measured morality?

And yet this film is Scorsese’s carnival funny. Thanks to him, the audience learned about the wonderful comedic talent of DiCaprio: no one could have imagined what a romantic and sad Gatsby can be exceedingly funny. DiCaprio owns every muscle on your face and can demand anything of each of his limbs. Take the scene where, having swallowed tablets, dumbed-down «degree of cerebral palsy,» DiCaprio trying to crawl to the car! He helps himself that stiff arm, that barely obedient stoned character (and obey the great master) leg rolls, Drools and can’t string two words — talented, brilliantly most likely can’t put two words together. The audience is laughing. The audience goes wild. The audience applauds.

Scorsese crams down his throat brilliance and prosperity, to satiety feeds him his gorgeous movie, forcing her to swallow every last bit of it. Delicious. Surprisingly tasty. Beautiful, bawdy and incredibly funny. Very good, but do not climb. Thanks, we ate. DiCaprio — Oscars — and you can pick up.

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