The whole world is a rip-off

manygoodtips.com_15.03.2016_5uosM9dC5Q06fReally great thoughts come into my head so rare that they are easy to remember.

– Albert Einstein –It’s time to talk about plagiarism, you damn plagiarist. I will say, not a plagiarist? And who takes other people’s jokes and phrases and provides them for your own? Just don’t be nervous and ridiculous excuses, they say, is borrowing, and do not mind. Documentary permission to use them? That’s what it is. If so see plagiarism everywhere, this is a hard part of life and in advertising, and in-store signage. I have about music and television do not say. Although television is easier, they called it «take on the franchise», and the material is called adaptation. We like to poke a finger in the borrowers require that their hands were cut off. Judging by the comments, everyone wants to strip them naked and hold a shameful path under the spitting, kicks and cries of «Shame!» Only, alas, to look, for example, on naked Stas Beleckogo not so good as Cersei Lannister.

But if you think about it, wherever you look – everywhere plagiarism, and it cannot be otherwise. Nowadays the pace of life has increased a hundred times, the public is demanding more and more, regardless of the moral and physical costs of accidents and creators. Where fresh ideas take on such a scale? I remember, as a producer of one small, but very proud of the entertainment TV station claimed yours truly, that without the drug to come up with a good show is impossible. But as you know, the drugs – though it is tasty, but not very useful. Even the creative team over time opisyvaet their potential. Is it possible to call «Monty Python» devoid of talent people? Certainly not, but they had to do something given the accumulated experience of generations. Although they were able to wrap this branded cover.Muse flies very quickly, no matter how you are creative or crazy. Even Dali was for a long period of downtime. Alcohol and sex are exhausting and not always leave the strength and desire for creativity. Writer Vladimir Sorokin and architectural composition I assure you, young seeker of interesting fiction and truth, what to write in a condition known as «Boris Yeltsin fell off the plane» is not always useful for creativity. I read in the morning and think: «Holy shit, what moron wrote this?» – then I remember who and cry. There is, of course, a couple of interesting thoughts and verbal communication, but no more. WE are not Hemingway and not Yesenin. Neither Sorokin, nor, unfortunately, we

manygoodtips.com_15.03.2016_p3lm8MNn24rBTAnd in that moment, when it becomes clear that all ideas are second-rate and banal, like pop music, you have to be inspired by the ideas of colleagues. And on the big secret say, so do all and every, even on a subconscious level. Heard you the song and you loved music a bunch in a single moment, that during the week I go, fascinated by the melody and riff that will subconsciously be playing like. Panacea from Hugo and Dostoevsky, you’re going to try to write about what they are. We will always do the same thing that our teachers, our masterminds, but in his own genius. And how could it be otherwise? After all, WE learn from others ‘ works in music schools ask you to play someone else’s work instead of writing his own. In schools you write essays based on reading the classics, and not just on any subject. But this is what is called plagiarism, even if he walked more brilliant «the original». However, very lazy and simple people are buying the right to use ringtones or even doing a cover, because the cover you will still play in their own way and at the same time to save some money. All creative processes are driven by the market and basic greed.

Here, all criticized iñárritu, saying he’s copying Tarkovsky, who was called to be their teacher. But copies, not stealing his story. And Tarantino, the General pulled out whole segments and footage from well-known classics of world cinema. Moreover, so brazenly as he did not do nothing. And in spite of such «stealing» his films are striking in originality, Tarantino’s signature handwriting is visible from afar.


We should not forget that our planet has existed for many years, and mankind has resorted to borrowing noble about the same as it exists. All songs and melodies, the vocal chords have been invented, even of death, even of putrid decomposition. All the above problems, the anxiety and personal experiences are revealed. There is good continuity of generations in all genres, and no one scruple to steal an idea or two from their predecessors. Remains only to Supplement and to put the material into a fringe of their own ideas.On television, all the same. If everyone were as brilliant and clever, it would produce every month a new show of the new format, quite different from each other. But do not forget that the success of the product, especially on TV, defines the sweaty curly ahjussi producer, and if you’re used to looking trivial with Hamming Svetlakova and ubiquitous Nagiyev, then no you will not show the new «Monty Python». You love to have fun, hilarious, a little vulgar, so get the Russian version of «Toasting». It is, of course, is not so «hot» as in the Western pattern if there well done, here medium rare, but also has the right to exist. Those who don’t like something, let them go to the Internet. Although… there just the same. Bloggers just take the idea of Western online creators, of course without paying her a dime. And it seems to be necessary to be indignant, but it used to. And convenient, because most in the power of language never before seen and will not even watch the Western version, so there’s nothing to resent. With series, of course, worse, but the experience «side of the moon» and «the Method» gives hope for the future.

manygoodtips.com_15.03.2016_3IlzZFUcBKzVjDelve into the closed world of science and research. And then the high-ranking officials accused that their thesis consist of 90% plagiarism. Of course, remember how you wrote your diploma, you are no better than those high-ranking pirates of scientific papers. But the fact is that, just like clothes from the spring collection doesn’t have to be beautiful clothes from last year (it must be more expensive), and dissertations, articles and other scientific product should not contain something new, and only have to meet the criteria established in the consumer society. This idea of columnist newspaper «Sight» Mikhail Solomatin, but fuck is she perfectly captures the essence of the problem.


That’s the sad truth. Alas, but you and I, Yes we with you is the main reason and incentive to manage our needs, our demands and our advantages. The artists were simple craftsmen who, under these preferences adjust. Just as in music, the main problem is us.But before you go to translate the performance of Louis C. K. for his first stand-before you venture to make the logo of your landside diner similar to the logo of KFC before you steal the melody and the rhythm section for his album the Cure and The Smiths, bear in mind that everything has its reasonable limits. To do everything stealthy and «copy» is wrong and mediocre. You can use as the basis for a fragment, an idea, an essence, but have no right to copy. Have no moral right to copy them, or necessarily will be those who will reveal your cunning plan, as it was with the band Killing Joke, who accused Nirvanna plagiarism (though it turned out that they plagiarized), or Coldplay, which took off from Joe Steriani who threatened to tell everyone that their Viva la vida is nothing like plagiarism. Anyway, if you want to make the world cleaner and to go down in history as an innovator, try to do something different.

So how can you write an article about plagiarism without an example? Here is one out of a billion. But does this make presents music groups bad?

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